Landik: Efremov was an agent of the Kremlin since the days of the Komsomol

The former leader of fraction of Party of regions Olexander Yefremovdetained on July 30 at the airport «Borispol», actively supported the Pro-Russian movement in Ukraine and relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin long before the armed conflict in the Donbass.

This was stated in an interview a former associate of Ephraim in the faction Vladimir Landik.

According to ex-regions, namely Efremov suggested Viktor Medvedchuk as head of the movement «Ukrainian choice» the ex-the Deputy of Lugansk regional Council Arsen Klinchayev (member of political scandals: in 2005, fought in Parliament, in the spring of 2014 posted a Russian flag over the building of the Lugansk regional state administration).

Efremov was an agent of the Kremlin since the days of the Komsomol. Was an agent of the Kremlin in the Luhansk region, but he was also responsible for the Pro-Russian movement in Ukraine, were in a very narrow range, together with the godfather Putin Medvedchuk», said Landik.

Landik also told how the Lugansk regional organization of PR passed to Ephraim: «It was in November 2005. And this was not the request, and at the personal command ( Yanukovych! Yanukovych repeatedly invited me to his place, had dinner with him — even before this came! And then sent me to Moscow, in hotel «Balchug» there at that time holed up Kolesnikov, Dzharty — all the leadership of the party, those who feared that Yushchenko will take for them».

«And they began to seduce me, saying, give Ephraim the party, and he is idly sitting, but he’s so great! I explain to them: «You know — it will be the end of the party?» But then asked: «why Yanukovych asks me for Ephraim?» And here is me in the eye and said, «Because it Rinat Akhmetov asked!» — «And Rinat-Efremov tries**?» And then I asked: «And you Rinat «Krasnodonugol» gave?» «No, Daryl!» — «And Efremov gave!», — has told eks-the regional.

As you know, on the morning of 30 July, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko reported that the former head of fraction of Party of regions Olexander Yefremov arrested on suspicion in infringement of territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

Articles, which a detained Yefremov, do not provide bail, release on personal recognizance or house arrest.

According to Lutsenko, after the arrest of Ephraim was taken to the remand prison of the SBU, where the investigation. Lutsenko also said that the investigation plans to offer Ephraim to make a deal.

Landik: Efremov was an agent of the Kremlin since the days of the Komsomol 31.07.2016

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