Land deals Dobkin and Kernes: for 4 months after the searches the investigators have no suspects

It took more than four months after the searches of Dobkin and Kernes, however, until now, GPU have suspects in this case.

This is stated in the material Gromadsky radio.

The report notes: «More than four billion hryvnia damage, 653 hectares of alienated land within Kharkov — so the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko characterized the case in which in the past year, 15 September, investigators searched the property, where does the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes, the Kharkiv city Council. While law enforcement officers came to the house, was the wife of the former mayor of Kharkiv, now the people’s Deputy Mikhail Dobkin. But the MP has shown the passport with a residence permit in this house, without the consent of the Verkhovna Rada to search housing investigators could not.

The case Prosecutor’s office opened on the fact of distribution of land housing cooperatives.

«We need to prove that the leadership of the city of Kharkov, in our version, created a criminal organization, and, in collusion with the heads of various departments — legal, land and the like — prepared documents about a fictitious housing cooperative, which passed the communal land. Then the happy owners of these lands, supposedly the co-operators, were people related by the same cyber criminals who have created this scheme,» — said at a briefing the public Prosecutor.

Lutsenko cited the example that is on the land transferred to housing-construction cooperative, built his house Mykhailo Dobkin.

Answering questions of journalists,the attorney General confused about the status of Kernes and Dobkin — first told that they are witnesses, then said that former and present heads of Kharkov are the suspects.

The position of the head subsequently adjusted by the press-Secretary Lutsenko Larisa Sargan. She said that while Gennady Kernes and Mikhail Dobkin — witnesses.

In General, 15 September, the Prosecutor’s office conducted 120 searches — except GORODSKOGO head of Kharkov, his subordinates and deputies of the Kharkov city Council. Live multiple channels Lutsenko called the other defendants in the «cooperative business», but Gennady Kernes and Mikhail Dobkin: the head of the legal Department of the Kharkiv city Council Volodymyr Kovalenko, chief architect Sergei Chechelnitsky, the former head of the regional Department Goszemagentstva Yuri Sanin.

«These individuals are suspected of forming a criminal organization to steal public funds through abuse of official duties», — explained the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko.

And made a promise to Kharkiv: «650 acres on the carrying value of 4 billion hryvnia, which were stolen from Kharkiv will return to Kharkiv property. That I do guarantee. While I will try very hard to answer for it, these people who organized the scheme.»

After the search has been almost 4 months. «Gromadske radio» sent a request to the Prosecutor General’s office and learned that the suspects «cooperative» is still there.

«For complete and objective research of all circumstances of criminal proceedings the pre-trial investigation body is taking all the necessary investigative (search) actions directed on check available to the investigator regarding the possible Commission of unlawful acts. Currently, the message on suspicion in Commission of the criminal offense was not carried out», — said the head of the division consideration of requests for public information Natalia Telichko.

Why the suspicion no one said whether the Prosecutor’s office to request a search of people’s Deputy Mikhail Dobkin, at what stage is the investigation now — on all these questions the student has not responded, stating that the information with restricted access.

Land deals Dobkin and Kernes: for 4 months after the searches the investigators have no suspects 06.01.2017

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