La Croix. Veterans of the Donbass still dream about great Russia

Veterans of the war in the Donbas from the Russian side, bandaging their wounds, are still dreaming to join Russia, this Eastern region of Ukraine. Reporting from Moscow, where their Association, publishes the French Catholic newspaper La Croix. The head of the Association of veterans of the war in the Donbass is Alexander Borodai, the infamous Russian spy and terrorist, major General of the FSB, the ideologist of the «Russian world».

«Volunteer Union of Donbass» is located in the side of the house, located in the heart of Moscow, it has 10 thousand members from 50 thousand volunteers went from February 2014 to the region of Ukraine, the article says.

«We offer assistance to those people who due to disease and complications are often difficult to adapt to normal life», — says Roman Lenshin. He is a former battalion commander of the 2 million people in Donbass, now he leads this Association.

«I first came to humanitarian assistance. But when I realized that there are Ukrainian fascists burned our Russian brothers, took up arms,» says 40-year-old Roman Lenshin.

«Established in August of 2015, the Association guides and supports volunteers returning from the front, often maimed and injured. It provides artificial limbs and wheelchairs, sometimes accompanied by widows and orphans. Struggle with depression and alcoholism is one of the priority areas,» says Quesnel.

«The Association helps Russian volunteers, but also Ukrainian soldiers, natives of the regions controlled by Kiev, who do not want and cannot return to their homes and are refugees in Russia,» the article says.

«We are not separatists, bandits! We defended their constitutional rights after the state coup in Kiev,» says 51-year-old Yaroslav Ponomarev, a native of Slavyansk.

In the «volunteer Union of Donbass» I assure you that rely only on private donations. «Any money from the Kremlin», — says Director Roman Lenshin. However, Alexander Boroday, Chairman of the Association, admits: «We help the heads of major state corporations.» For example, such as Gazprom and Rosneft, giants controlled by the government? Alexander Boroday refuses to answer, says the author of the report.

«Whether he supports close ties with the Kremlin? Remains unclear. He insists he never met with President Vladimir Putin, but admits that he supports «direct contact, yesterday in the Donbass today in Moscow with Vladislav Surkov«.

«Like many other figures, 44-year-old Alexander Boroday was affected by Western sanctions, he is banned entry to the EU territory. He is a Russian military journalist and analyst, former Deputy Director of FSB on the information policy, participated in the Ukrainian crisis in the autumn of 2013 and in may 2014 was Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed «Donetsk national Republic», — stated in the article.

«In the Donbass, I did what I had to do. I have not been there since November 2014. But if Kiev wants war, I’ll be back,» sharply said Alexander Boroday.

The Minsk agreement? «They do exist. But I am against the agreement with the enemy.» Ukrainian state? «Preposterous!» Plans for reunification with Russia «new Russia», including the Ukrainian regions, such as Donbas? «The Kremlin no longer speaks of this in view of the prevailing situation. But I haven’t lost hope. This reunion remains our goal», — quotes the answers of Alexander Beard is the author of the report.

«Volunteer Union of Donbass» appeared thanks to a certain mentality, based on the following declarations: «the Ukrainian nation has no history. It is doomed to failure. The Kiev regime eventually will collapse like a sand castle. We want the Union with Russia, not with Brussels.» Insists Yaroslav Ponomarev. The Association claims to have 10 thousand volunteers «always ready to rush into battle,» warns Roman Lenshin, strongly claiming that he’s not recruiting, says the report.

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La Croix. Veterans of the Donbass still dream about great Russia 19.01.2017

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