Kwasniewski: the EU has done for Ukraine more than I expected and even more than expected Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not expected that the European Union will impose sanctions against Russia after the Russian aggression against Ukraine. About it in interview to «112 Ukraine» said the third President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski.

«I can tell you that from my point of view, the European Union has done more than I expected, I think, has done more than Putin thought. Because Putin after Crimea after Donetsk was sure that the attack can’t come from Germany, because he always had a close relationship with Germany. The first strong criticism from Merkel (Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. – «GORDON») – he was confident that the EU has such a structure that will chat, talk, nothing. And here the EU has shown that imposing sanctions all sanctions are taking, even those countries that always to Russia had a warm relationship, as Italy, like Spain, I think he didn’t expect the reaction will be so… Hard and are United. While the EU keeps it, and I must say that for many European leaders is very uncomfortable, their businesses, entrepreneurs all the time say that going to these sanctions the Russian market need. They are under strong pressure from its big business», – said Kwasniewski.

He also added that he believes the introduction of visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU a historical event.

«If Ukraine will carry out reforms, to fulfill the conditions of the Association Agreement, European law, cooperation between the EU and Ukraine will be closer… the process is long. We signed the first agreement with the EU in 1991, we became an EU member in 2004, had 13 years, and all the talking in the world and in Europe, Poland was the best student in this school. And yet it took 13 years. You have to understand that if the process is positive from both sides, still it will be a month or a year, it will be in a few years. But of course this will be a process of convergence… the Paradox, but you have a new chance, because the European Union without the UK creates a little more space to new countries, large countries, such as Ukraine. I think it is possible to represent Ukraine in a relationship for the next 10-15 years,» continued the third President of Poland.

According to him, «it is important that at this time the EU was not included in the next crisis, or, for example, the wave of migrants was not as strong.»

«Because then the EU will say can’t take, it depends on many factors. But most importantly, despite all the factors that are very difficult to foresee, we must do our. I’ll say one thing – at the time of Poland’s accession to the EU, I have spoken with many leaders, and they told me: «Alexander, you have to do homework!» I felt as a student. But after that, I’ll tell you a well done homework is very helpful. And all those boring politicians, who talked about homework, they were right,» said Kwasniewski.

16 Sep 2014 the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union simultaneously approved by the Verkhovna Rada and the European Parliament. 1 September 2017 the Association Agreement came into force in full.

According to the head of the EU delegation in Ukraine Mr Hugues Mingarelli, in some areas, Ukraine lags behind the plan of implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU.

Kwasniewski: the EU has done for Ukraine more than I expected and even more than expected Putin 25.12.2017

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