Kubedinova arrested for 10 days. Polozov: FSB wants to deprive Crimean Tatars of the right to protection

Detained in the Crimea of a lawyer Emil Kubedinova arrested for 10 days. About this on his page in Facebook said the journalist Anton NumLock.

Polozov: FSB wants to deprive Crimean Tatars of the right to protection

«Emil Kurbedinov found guilty of an administrative offense under article 20.3 of Kpap. Punishment: arrest for 10 days», — said Naumchuk.

Earlier the journalist reported that Emil Kubedinova suspected of distributing extremist materials.

As reported, on Thursday morning, Russian security forces detained Emil Kubedinova, which was heading from Simferopol to Bakhchisaray to provide legal assistance to families Salievich, whose house was searched. Simultaneously with the arrest Kubedinova in his home and office searched. The lawyer was taken to the district court for determination of a measure of restraint, on meeting the press was not allowed.

According to the lawyer of Eden Semilaeve, Kubedinova charged with article 20.3 of the administrative offences Code of Russia (propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols). As a proof of guilt in «the trial» was a screenshot of the post Kubedinova in social networks about the rally, «Hizb ut-Tahrir», which was held in the Crimea in 2013.

We will remind, Emil Kurbedinov is the attorney for several defendants in the «case of Hizb ut-Tahrir», «26 Feb» and Crimean journalist Nicholas Semeny.

Polozov: FSB wants to deprive Crimean Tatars of the right to protection

The case against lawyers in the Crimea caused by the dissatisfaction with the work they are doing in Crimea for the protection of citizens of Ukraine, mostly Crimean Tatars. About this lawyer Nikolai Polozov said in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

Polozov observes that the case against him and Kubedinova is an element of pressure on lawyers to force to stop his professional activities.

«But we’re only talking about a formal occasion. Case against me and Kubedinova, of course, caused by dissatisfaction with the work we are doing in the Crimea for the protection mostly citizens of Ukraine, mostly Crimean Tatars. This, of course, an element of pressure on the lawyers to force us to stop their professional activity. At least here in Crimea. Because this activity is very annoyed by various law enforcement agencies, has become a bone in the throat, which prevents them to swallow new human destiny,» — said Polozov.

The lawyer added that the main objective of arrests, to intimidate, to remove them from public fields to force to plan its further activities, given the possible harassment.

He reported that his investigators made the Protocol, although it is not his words and no signature, but in the case of the trial, his participation as a defender Umerov will be impossible.

«There are legal possibilities to appeal against the illegal actions of the investigator and to delete the record in the case, although more complicated. A «black mark» for me. Not a coincidence that all these events happened yesterday, after my return from the PACE, where I talked, in particular, and about the pressure on lawyers,» — said Polozov.

According to him, the level of pressure this year in the Crimea will increase, in particular, it will apply to the Majlis and, above all, Ilmi Umerov.

«I expect that will be initiated several criminal cases as belonging to the Majlis, a recognized extremist organization (in Russia — ed.). Most likely, one of the first will be that Ilmi umer», — Savel lawyer.

Polozov also said that the repression committed in the first place, not on religious, but on national political grounds.

«Separate interest «Hizb ut-Tahrir» due to the fact that the current head of the FSB General Viktor Palagin all zero» years specialised in this organization in Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. Now he just continues the case in Crimea. But in fact the persecution of the Crimean Tatars on ethnic grounds, as a community, the most systematically opposed the annexation is the direction of the FSB, which after the annexation actively engaged in the former staff of SBU», — he said.

Kubedinova arrested for 10 days. Polozov: FSB wants to deprive Crimean Tatars of the right to protection 27.01.2017

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