Kryukov plant showed their cars-transformers

On Tuesday 17 January in the evening PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia» sends to the first flight high-speed train «Night Express» No. 149 Kyiv – Ivano-Frankivsk, in which the new cars with transforming furniture.

Modern rolling stock is presented by the Chairman of the Board of PJSC «Ukrzaliznytsia» Wojciech Balczun, the press service of Krukovka carriages.

«Compartment passenger coach of locomotive traction mod. 61-779 intended for the carriage of passengers on the Railways of Ukraine, Baltic States and CIS with a width of 1520 mm. Speed up to 160 kilometers per hour. These cars can be used in the composition of trains on electrified, so on non-electrified sections of the road», — stated in the publication.

Kvsz specialists have considerable experience of creating such technology. During 2012-2013, at the request of the customer on the Kryukov railcar has been designed and manufactured 59 compartment passenger cars with transforming furniture. Among them, 4 of the carriage of model 61-779 coupe with the foreman and one specially equipped compartment for the transport of persons with reduced mobility in wheelchairs.

These cars can be used both on long and short routes. Short – transformable furniture can significantly increase the number of passengers, which is beneficial to the carrier. And in the case of hours of trips they create the most comfortable conditions for traveling, relaxing and sleeping passengers.

Mechanisms of transformation is easy and simple to use, they will handle even a child. In order to switch to night mode, you need to remove the seat back from the position of fixation and to lower it. And now in front of you a full bed with the mattress. Similarly, you can translate from day to night and position the top shelf.

The headrests on the lower seats recline, there is provided a comfortable shelf for the appropriate in the way of things, holders for trousers. For passengers from the upper shelves, there are cupboards with lockable door.

The team of PJSC «kvsz» continues to work on fulfilling the order of Ukrainian Railways for the supply of 21 passenger cars. In this instalment will be made and 13 wagons models 61-779 with transforming furniture. To date, six of the thirteen transferred to the customer.

As noted, all technical characteristics of the cars meet modern standards and requirements for quality and safety of passenger rolling stock. The number of passenger berths – 40, seats – 60. One compartment is reserved for the rest of the conductors. Lifetime of 30 years.

As previously reported, from Kiev (Ukraine) to Przemysl (Poland) decided to ride on high-speed trains intercity+, although the train EKP-1 «Tarpan» produced by Krukovka carriages also successfully proved itself to the test.

Kryukov plant showed their cars-transformers 18.01.2017

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