«Krivoozersky» case: fourth suspect was put under house arrest

A fourth suspect in the murder of police officers 32-year-old resident of curve Lake in nikolayevshchina during his detention, a preventive measure in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest till December 25.

About it reports a press-service of the Central district court.Nikolaev.

«The Central district court, having examined and considered the views of the parties, the suspect chose a Novel the rich man for the murder of police a 32-year resident of curve Lake, as a preventive measure-house arrest to 25.12.2016 year», — stated in the message.

Pre-trial investigation has established the circumstances pointing to possible involvement of the aforementioned ex-policeman who until recently was in the status of a witness, causing bodily injury to the victim. November 15, 2016, he announced on suspicion of committing a criminal offense under part 2 of article 365 of the criminal code of Ukraine.

The Prosecutor demanded to elect a measure of restraint in the form of detention. According to him, the suspect illegally could influence witnesses, victims, experts, to hide the evidence hide from the investigation and trial.

The suspect said that he was really a participant in those events, but injuries inflicted to the victim.

Protector asked to refuse satisfaction of the petition, arguing that the investigators had not provided evidence of the justification of the suspicion and the above risks.

Having heard the views of the parties and examining the case file, the investigating judge decided that the prosecution provided significant evidence that the suspect will influence witnesses and victims.

In addition, given the rationale of the investigator that the suspect always appeared to conduct investigative actions in court for election of a measure of restraint also appeared voluntarily, the risk of concealment from investigation authorities and the court is small, and it can prevent by applying house arrest.

As reported, 20 October the court left in custody until December 18, the main suspect in the murder of Alexander Zukerman, police Sergeant Denis Shackogo. It was also reported that the third suspect – the senior Lieutenant of police Nikolay Khomenko softened article, and the lawyer asked as a preventive measure verbati his client house arrest.

On October 21 the Central district court of Nikolaev chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention until 18 December with the possibility of bail in the amount of 120 thousand UAH from the police and the curve Lake, Sergeant Alexander Precipicewho is reasonably suspected of abuse of authority during the arrest of a local resident Alexander Zuckerman

We will remind that on the night of 24 August in the district center of curve Lake in nikolayevshchina, was killed 31-year-old local resident, Zuckerman. The suspect in the murder of six members of the local police Department. All six were detained on the same day. After news of the murder spread in Curve Lake, in the district riots broke out. The locals almost lynched the detainees during their loading into a paddy wagon, clashed with the police. Then the crowd of several hundred local residents moved to the police Department, where the riots lasted all night.

As it became known later, Zuckerman died from gunshot wounds, caused, presumably, from a traumatic pistol of the so-called «cartridge Flaubert».

According to the expert, the shots were fired at close range. Two bullets were discovered in the heart, another got stuck in the lung.

Later charges were brought against three police officers who directly participated in the beating.

«Krivoozersky» case: fourth suspect was put under house arrest 17.11.2016

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