Kravchuk: reforms in Ukraine need Western pressure

The first President of independent Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk believes that the pressure from Western partners of Ukraine to speed up reforms is a positive development, and civil society on pricing its heterogeneity with such a mission can not cope. He said this in an interview with UKRINFORM.

Soon 70% of Ministers will retire, — Kravchuk

«To replace such leverage as the West, the pressure of our civil society. The fact that civil society is not whole, in addition, it is not always ready to professionalmanagement questions. It is rather a radicalism, including in the Verkhovna Rada, pitchforks, fists, feet. That is, no intelligence and cultural use opportunities to argue that society has heard that it is the position of civil institutions», — said Kravchuk.

He added that in this regard our politicians and activists «still have to Skalite will still need to learn», and while the pressure that occurs under the influence of the West, cannot be ruled out.

Earlier Kravchuk has listed the major mistakes of Petro Poroshenko for the presidency. One of the biggest blunders Poroshenko for the first year as Kravchuk cited a lack of personnel policy.

«Errors in personnel decisions are often so obvious that it is surprising. The President is looking for shots in close environment, particularly in the business sphere. I believe this is a mistake. In the Ukrainian Central authorities should be representative of all regions», — said Kravchuk

Soon 70% of Ministers will retire, — Kravchuk

Most of the current Cabinet will resign, because this is a good reason. This opinion was expressed by Kravchuk.

«A lot of Ministers, I think, 70 percent will be replaced, because there are reasons for this. I will not name names — this will resolve the Verkhovna Rada», — said Kravchuk.

However, in his opinion, complete replacement of the government and early elections to the Verkhovna Rada can negatively affect Ukrainians.

«The country is in this situation may falter from the point of view of its further strength, unity and position», — considers ex-the President.

According to Kravchuk, foreigners in the Cabinet of Ministers had proved themselves particularly good at my job those who is part of the Ministry of internal Affairs. However, foreigners are not allow to change the situation in the country below level (deputies and all heads of offices and the like) that «from top to bottom is riddled with corruption».

Kravchuk: reforms in Ukraine need Western pressure 03.12.2015

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