Krasnov, the court extended the detention until 18 September

The Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev prolonged the term of detention to the head of the civil case «Azov-Crimea» Stanislav Krasnov until September 18.

On Thursday 18 August, said Prosecutor Andrew One, reports «Ukrainian truth».

«For a month extended because the suspicion was presented without defenders. The judge said that it is a violation of procedure. I confirmed this, but I emphasize the very suspicion was justified,» said the One.

The Prosecutor added that in the coming days of arraignment Krasnov correct suspicion and indictment sent to the court.

«The court also appointed an additional mesuximide (health Krasnova) and the third time commits to conduct such an examination», – said the lawyer Krasnov Leonid Sivakov.

Recall Krasnov arrested on the night of February 28 in Kiev region. In SBU claim that he, along with his girlfriend Oksana Shelest illegally kept weapons and explosives. Also in the SBU said that the red was an agent of the Russian FSB and was preparing terrorist attacks in Ukraine. The investigation bodies accuse him of treason, illegal possession of weapons, preparation of terrorist acts.

Red insists that the security service had fabricated the case against him.

April 26, the Shevchenkivsky district court of Kyiv extended the period of detention Krasnov in custody until June 24, and then extended it for another two months.

May 16, Shevchenkivskiy district court of Kyiv rejected the petition of the state office of public Prosecutor about carrying out is judicial-psychiatric examination Krasnov. The court found insufficient justification for the medical conclusion on the need for stationary surveys of the head of the group of companies «Azov-Crimea».

May 26, the Kyiv court of Appeals postponed to June 8 the hearing of the appeal of the Prosecutor on the decision of Shevchenkovsky regional court of the capital concerning the rejection of the application of the SBU and the Prosecutor’s office to send Stanislav Krasnov in a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

Krasnov, the court extended the detention until 18 September 18.08.2016

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