Kosovo President accuses Russia of preparation of Serbia to a new war in the Balkans

The President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, the second time over the past week expressed concern over the possible takeover of the Kosovo territories. If the last time a politician talked about the intention of Serbia to cut off and occupy the North of the partially recognized Republic, it is now reported about the attempts of Belgrade to implement the plan with the help of Russia, reports NEWSru.com with reference to the interview of the politician to the German magazine Bild.

According to him, «Russia and Serbia, perhaps, plotting a new armed conflict in the Balkans, and the preparation is already in full swing». «Under the pretext of a threat to the safety of the Serbs of Serbia openly threatening intervention and occupation,» said Thaci.

According to the statements of policy, these charges are fabricated and «this same strategy Putin used in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, only there it was about the threat to Russian, and here, for the Serbs». «With Russian help Serbia trying to split Kosovo and to occupy part of Kosovo,» said Thaci.

The politician also drew attention to the massive propaganda and subversive activities of Serbia. In particular, Thaci reminded of the scandal of the special train, which left Belgrade and went to the capital of the Serb enclave in Kosovo Mitrovica without the permission of the Kosovo authorities, but was stopped at the border. «However, Serbia has threatened to use troops to protect the trains, which in itself is absurd,» added Thaci.

Also, the President of Kosovo has accused Serbia «in the provision of illegal political and financial assistance to parallel structures in Northern Kosovo in defiance of all the accords.» «The target of persistent threats from Belgrade to prevent the integration of the Serb minority in Kosovo», — the politician concluded.

On the eve of Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said at a press conference that on Tuesday, January 24, at the next round of talks with Pristina in Brussels, the Belgrade delegation will be represented at the highest level. «Serbia will be represented at the highest level, the negotiations go, the President Tomislav Nikolic and Prime Minister. Assume that the Albanians also will present its top management,» — said the head of the Serbian government.

According to him, therefore, the parties can agree on the fact that Kosovo was no longer any threat of use of force and weapons to «more threats and provocations.»

It is noted that the President of Serbia for the first time become a direct participant in the dialogue with Kosovo Albanian administration.

Previously about the need for negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina at a high level, said EU high representative for foreign policy Federica Mogherini.

It will be recalled that last week, Thaci explained that are sent from Belgrade to Kosovska Mitrovica train was intended to provoke the Kosovars to create a pretext for military intervention by Serbia and the annexation of the Northern territories of Kosovo. «Serbia’s intention was to use this train, donated by Russia, primarily to cut off the Northern part of Kosovo and attach it to Serbia. Crimean model», — said the politician.

A few days before that, Nikolic, also commenting on the incident with the train, threatened to send the army in Kosovo. «This is not our war, but we will send soldiers if we deem it necessary to protect our citizens,» — said the politician. However, Nikolic expressed his disappointment with the reaction from the European Union and NATO on the incident with the train that had to stop on the border of Serbia with Kosovo. «If there is no freedom of movement, on which European civilization we can speak what do say with Pristina and the EU?» — said the Serbian President, which has a long established reputation for Pro-Russian leader.

Train Belgrade — Kosovska Mitrovica was launched by the Serbian Railways (Zheleznitsa Srbije) 14 Jan 2017. By Saturday afternoon, the diesel locomotive of the Russian production of «Metrovagonmash» left the Serbian capital. This train was to become the first since the Kosovo conflict of 1998-1999, which connects Belgrade with the breakaway autonomy.

Special attention was attracted to the design of the composition. Outside it was written «Kosovo is Serbia» in 21 languages, including Albanian. Inside the walls of the train are decorated with photo Wallpapers with images of frescoes of the four are under the UNESCO protection of Serbian shrines in Kosovo.

Thaci described the entry of a train from Belgrade to Kosovo was unacceptable and appealed to prevent his movement. In a press there were messages about strapped to the border of Kosovo with Serbia, the forces of the Kosovo Albanian special forces. As a result, the evening of 14 January, Serbian Prime Minister Vucic made the decision to stop the train in the Serbian raška, Kosovo and accused of intending to arrest the driver and passengers.

According to the administrative division of Serbia, Kosovo included in its composition as the Autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija. In fact, Kosovo is a partially recognized state, whose territory is not controlled by Belgrade. In the Northern territories of the partially recognized Republic is home to about 50 thousand ethnic Serbs.

Kosovo President accuses Russia of preparation of Serbia to a new war in the Balkans 23.01.2017

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