Konstantin Meladze: On Vera Brezhneva I finally raised my head from the keyboard

Composer and producer Konstantin Meladze said that thanks to his wife, singer Faith Brezhneva, felt the taste of life. About the composer said in an interview with journalist, writer and founder of the edition «GORDON» Dmitry Gordon.

«I finally raised his head from the keyboard. I did not care how I look, where I rest, what I eat. I very much unfortunately missed due to the fact that absolutely manic was fascinated with this work. And would have missed completely if Vera didn’t give me the «kick» and did not arouse my interest in life other than just music,» – said the composer.

Speaking about the participants of the group «VIA Gra» in the history of the team, Meladze said that the most beautiful and sexy considers Brezhnev.

While he was not looking for ideals.

«The perfect woman, such as distilled water, which is undrinkable as it is nasty. The perfect woman is the woman with whom you feel good that you’re happy. For this, it must not be perfect, but should be the same as the key to the castle,» he said.

Meladze and Brezhnev were married on 22 October 2015 in Italy. They made a secret and did not invite even relatives.

Konstantin Meladze was born on 11 may 1963 in Batumi. In 2012 he received the title of «Honored artist of Ukraine».

Meladze – songwriter for his brother, singer Valery Meladze, Sofia Rotaru, Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakaite, Ani Lorak, Valerie, Verka Serduchka, the group «VIA Gra» Vera Brezhneva.

The full interview Dmitry Gordon with Konstantin Meladze can be found HERE.

Konstantin Meladze: On Vera Brezhneva I finally raised my head from the keyboard 29.09.2017

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