Konstantin Meladze admitted that stutters since the age of two

Composer and producer Konstantin Meladze admitted that when his mother returned from the hospital after the birth of his brother, singer Valery Meladze, he stopped talking. About this composer tell in an interview with journalist, writer and founder of the edition «GORDON» Dmitry Gordon.

As explained by Konstantin Meladze, later he began to speak, but jerky, stuttering badly.

He believes that a certain shyness was born in him in childhood.

«This misery left in me from the days when I took it to music school and said I was incompetent when I stuttered badly and was ashamed of this terrible,» said the composer.

He also admitted that he has no self-awareness that he is somehow better than other people.

«I know how to do some things – the music I write, but other people do an equally masterly more. I have great respect for each other’s work and to other people’s skills. I can appreciate the talent in a person and find him», – said Konstantin Meladze.

Konstantin Meladze was born on 11 may 1963 in Batumi. In 2012 he received the title of «Honored artist of Ukraine».

Meladze – songwriter for his brother, singer Valery Meladze, Sofia Rotaru, Alla Pugacheva, Kristina Orbakaite, Ani Lorak, Valerie, Verka Serduchka, the group «VIA Gra» Vera Brezhneva.

The full interview Dmitry Gordon with Konstantin Meladze can be found HERE.

Konstantin Meladze admitted that stutters since the age of two 29.09.2017

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