Kononenko said it was «a bit contrived» discussion on the creation in Ukraine of an anti-corruption court

The debate about the creation in Ukraine of an anti-corruption court «a little far-fetched,» said the Deputy head of the parliamentary faction of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko Igor Kononenko in an interview to «Interfax-Ukraine».

«This debate is a little far-fetched. As they say, we need to go or have cheap? If we need to go forward, we need a judicial anti-corruption body that works effectively and causes confidence in society. As it will be called – the court or a chamber is not so important,» he said.

Kononenko added that the trial chamber can create fast enough. He said that the expected conclusions of the Venice Commission, which sent a bill providing for the formation of anti-corruption chamber in the system of Ukrainian courts.

«The Memorandum with the IMF (the International monetary Fund. – «GORDON») is written: the anti-corruption judicial body, not a court. And from then on are manipulations,» he said.

30 September 2016 entered into force constitutional changes in terms of justice and the new law «On judicial system and status of judges», which Parliament passed on 2 June. On 13 July the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law.

According to the law, is expected to create Higher anti-corruption court (WAX), which will be considered a separate category of cases, remand prisoners anti-corruption Bureau. The date of functioning of the anti-corruption court law is not spelled out.

The creation of a specialized anti-corruption court is one of the obligations which Ukraine undertook before the international partners – the European Union and the International monetary Fund.

On 15 September, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he had no half or two years to wait for a new anti-corruption court. «Perhaps the reason is not the name of the institution, and trust, in the operation, the professionalism of the judicial system», – said the President. He expressed hope that the country in the next month will be the anti-corruption chamber. Poroshenko noted that in the US and the EU is not anti-corruption courts.

In response, the former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry said that all American courts, anti-corruption.

16 Sep Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that no matter what will be called the tool for dispensation of justice on the corrupt.

Kononenko said it was «a bit contrived» discussion on the creation in Ukraine of an anti-corruption court 29.09.2017

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