Kolomoisky became DILL and will sue the Korban for the party emblem media

Ukrainian billionaire Igor Kolomoisky became a member of the party «DILL» at the end of September this year and is registered in the Kyiv city organization of the political power. This is stated in the official response of the party referenced by the «Commander in chief».

Sources in the party leadership clarify that the oligarch, who recently became Chairman of the party control Commission in the political party that is listed in the Solomianskyi Raion Communist party organization.

At the same time, the party «DILL» ignored the request to call a room party ticket Kolomoisky, considering it «a matter of internal activities of the party.»

However, the party actually confirmed the information about the dispute that arose over the rights to the symbols of the party. According to sources, the party’s current leadership, which focuses on Kolomoisky, have filed several lawsuits with a common purpose to take away the rights to the logo of the Dill, the former Chairman of the political Council Gennady Korban. «The party has questions to Ukrpatent, the State service for intellectual property, as well as to the previous management. Questions regarding the registration of the mark for goods and services. Therefore, take appropriate measures legal dispute settlement», — is spoken in the answer of the party.

In turn, the Korban did not answer the question of the subject of the claim.

According to the database of Ukrpatent, the right to a well-known sign of the party — inflorescence of fennel with an appropriate inscription over the figure belong to the Korban until 2025.

According to the decision of the party Congress of November 25, DILL Kolomoisky approved by the chief controller of the party, and the Korban included in the new composition of the political Council.

Mass media repeatedly wrote about the conflict between the Korban and the mayor of the Dnipro Boris Filatov on the one hand and the current leadership of Dill, which is Kolomoisky.

Kolomoisky became DILL and will sue the Korban for the party emblem media 30.11.2016

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