Kolomoisky agrees to partially repay the debts of FC «Dnepr»

At football club «Dnipro» has a chance at salvation and getting into the European cups for next season, reports fcdnipro.com

As you know, Dnepropetrovsk club have ex-coaches Juan Muniz, Pedro Haro and Marcos Alvarez 902 thousand euros.

The total debt — 1,742 million euros. It is the duty of the Spaniards and overdue debts to other football clubs (solidarity payments, training compensation of the player, service agencies, etc.) in the amount of 840 thousand Euro. Another 100 thousand Euro fine.

According to the publication, the owner of «Dnepr» Igor Kolomoisky gave the instruction to pay less than one million euros.

It is known that the ex-coaches, no money was received and if he doesn’t get in the near future, so the club will still be excluded from European competitions.

Earlier it was reported that Dnipro in the summer may cease to exist.

In January, the players «Dnepr» have written a collective letter to the management demanding payment of money on contracts. In the event of a default, the team may not go to the second collection.

Kolomoisky agrees to partially repay the debts of FC «Dnepr» 07.02.2016

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