Koch: If the turnout in the elections in Russia will be 30%, Putin will be laughing stock even for his entourage

The refusal to register the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny on elections of the President of the Russian Federation is a natural, and now Navalny will begin implementation of the master plan his election campaign. This was written byushi Deputy Prime Minister Alfred Koch in Facebook.

«Nobody imagined that the Bulk register. Accordingly, the plan B, which he now voiced, i.e. «active boycott» – this is the main plan of the campaign. Let’s not let each other’s brains to powder. And the President’s administration is at once perfectly calculated, and therefore, Ksenia Sobchak, therefore, Grudinin (the candidate from the Communist party Pavel Grudinin. – «GORDON»), etc. to counteract the boycott and to raise the turnout,» he said.

According to Koch, the authorities could allow the Bulk to the election, which would ensure the election of intrigue and voter turnout.

«Decided to play it safe. Navalny was a high chance the second round, which is always very counterintuitive, and there are already a lot starts things that are impossible to calculate in advance. Therefore, the attendance will raise the expense Casinogo livening up, «acute» issues etc.» – said the former Deputy Prime Minister.

He noted that before Navalny and his supporters have the task to disrupt the elections.

«Legally it can be done: the results are valid with any turnout. But if the turnout is 30%, selected on such election, Putin will be a laughing stock even for his confidants, and will lose all legitimacy in the international arena,» stressed Koch.

He added that before the opposition have a difficult task to prevent «ballot box stuffing, carousel» and other ways to increase turnout.

«And with another – is simple: first Bulk will agitate the electorate to do nothing. This is exactly what the electorate likes to do: do not go to the polls. And then – what luck: finally sitting on the sofa, he’s not just lazy, but actively protest! How lovely!» summed up the former Deputy Prime Minister.


Koch: If the turnout in the elections in Russia will be 30%, Putin will be laughing stock even for his entourage 27.12.2017

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