Kobzon: Zadornov dies

Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov is dying. This Russian site «Days.ru» said the singer Iosif Kobzon.

«As for Zadornov… Yes, he’s dying. Die talented artist,» – said Kobzon.

According to him, comments from Ukraine regarding the disease satirist are outrageous.

«Ukrainians write that this car is waiting for me. Yes, it’s all of you, scoundrels, waiting, and waiting is necessary», – said the singer.

In October 2016, Zadornov said that in his body «discovered a serious disease, characterized not only by age», which must be treated immediately. The satirist has canceled a number of concerts and has suspended work on new projects. It operated in Germany.

Media reported that the writer has brain cancer.

In 2014, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine said that the visit to the country Zadornov is undesirable in connection with his anti-Ukrainian position.

In 2017, the SBU confirmed that the satirist denied entry into the country.

Kobzon: Zadornov dies 29.08.2017

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