KOBOLEV: the EU should block the construction of the «Nord stream-2»

The European Union should block the construction of the pipeline «Nord stream-2», which will give the Kremlin’s geopolitical and financial leverage on Germany, Poland and Slovakia. About it in interview Reuters was declared by the head of «Naftogaz» Andrey Kobelev, writes «Economic truth».

«We urge our European partners to try to look not on immediate consequences, and one step forward, what will happen later, after the Nord Stream-2 will be launched,» — said Kobolyev.

According to him, the annual capacity of the planned underwater pipeline, which is 55 billion cubic meters will lead to an equivalent drop in the volume of gas that now pumped through Ukraine and Poland, and will completely destroy this supply route.

«I don’t think it has anything to do with diversification or an increase in security of supply. This means an increase of the dominant position of Gazprom in Europe,» — said KOBOLEV.

KOBOLEV said that Ukraine remains one of the most consistent opponents of the «Nord stream-2».

KOBOLEV said that European countries should be more careful in their decisions, leading to greater dependence on Russia.

Recall that in late October the Commission authorized the Russian «Gazprom» the increase in available power for pumping gas through the pipeline OPAL, which integrates with the Nord stream gas transmission system in Central and Western Europe. The Russian monopolist was previously only available 50% of the capacity of the pipeline.

The EU decision allowed the Russian company to get access to 32% of the capacity of the pipe and thereby to increase exports through this channel to bypass Ukraine for more than 9 billion cubic meters of gas.

KOBOLEV previously stated that access «Gazprom» to the OPAL can reduce transit revenues of Ukraine from the gas flow in the amount of 290 million dollars to 425 million dollars.

In early December, the Polish energy company PGNiG has challenged the European Commission’s decision in court.

On 27 December, the European court of justice has suspended the decision on the access of «Gazprom» to 80% of the capacity of the OPAL gas pipeline.

KOBOLEV: the EU should block the construction of the «Nord stream-2» 30.01.2017

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