Klitschko told why he’s 7 bikes

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko celebrates the importance and necessity of implementation of electronic Declaration of income of officials to improve the situation in the Ukrainian economy.

«Electronic Declaration of income and property common in Western countries, and no one this practice does not cause problems. In Ukraine a huge number of officials who have never engaged in business and was not in sports, declared millions in profits. The introduction of electronic Declaration — is that painful for Ukrainian officials step, but I’m sure he’s needed in the future, it will strictly control the income of officials and change the situation in the economy of the country,» Klitschko was quoted by his press service.

In addition, he talked about their bicycles, stated in the Declaration. According to the mayor, he is not a collector, and on each of the bike rides and trains, depending on conditions. «I do not collect bikes — each of them I ride and train. Each of my bikes are designed for different conditions of transport — road, mountain, city bike. This, for example, as shoes for different seasons and situations,» — said Klitschko.

He said: «If you want to show good sports results, then you need to have a quality bike and all the necessary equipment, and it is not cheap. All this I pointed out in my Declaration. I also have a bike with a rigid frame and a bike to get around the city. My training allows me to get on a bike to work or to a meeting faster than by car. Especially in the center of the city, when traffic jams».

As reported in the electronic Declaration of Klitschko, in particular, indicated that his property are purchased in 2014-2015, seven bikes (four – stamps Scott, two Coratec and one Cannondale).

Klitschko told why he’s 7 bikes 02.11.2016

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