Klitschko promises the money to the ATO, which is not enough land

The participants of the ATO, which is not enough land, will receive financial compensation.

In an interview with channel Newsone said the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko, the press service of the KSCA.

«This amount of land there. We can’t destroy Kiev parks to distribute land. Therefore, we are considering the possibility to pay compensation», — said Klitschko.

He recalled that six years ago the city Council decided on the allocation of land to participants ATO, which is now in Kiev about 17.5 thousand people. At the same time, added capital head to allocate to each area, it is necessary 2,5 thousand ha.

The mayor stressed that the funds will be allocated from the budget of Kyiv, and therefore, the Moscow government is doing everything to increase revenue in it.

«We have the increase in revenues in the first quarter and I hope this year we will finish with a good performance of the budget», – said the mayor.

Earlier, the State Agency of land resources issued a statement saying that the soldiers-members of the antiterrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine that have not yet exercised their right to free privatization of land, and the families of victims of the security forces on 5 March issued a permit to develop land management projects on branch of 16,251 thousand plots for construction, agriculture and horticulture.

We are talking about the provision of territorial bodies of the Ministry and the local authorities permission on land allocation plots with a total area 9,0387 thousand hectares.

Klitschko promises the money to the ATO, which is not enough land 19.07.2016

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