Klitschko has denied the death of two workers as a result of the collapse of the Khmelnitsky. All emergency houses in Kiev will check

The exact death toll from the collapse of houses on Bogdan Khmelnytsky street will be known after the completion of all rescue and recovery operations.

This was stated by the head of Department concerning emergency situations of the Kyiv city state administration Roman Tkachuk, reports 44.ua.

On the ground floor of the collapsed house was setting up the coffee shop, — the victim Builder

«Until, until you break all blockages that cannot be accurate information about the number of dead. We know that had a team of 8 people and the foreman. We know the fate of the seven, the fate of two people remains unknown,» said Tkachuk.

He also denied media reports about the deaths of two workers.

«I can confirm the information about three dead. This is a vague journalists convey the words of the SSES. We’re talking about that visually observable one person no signs of life — the hand of his observe. And two people we have in question: we don’t know whether they do there — maybe they are in shock jumped out and ran away,» said Tkachuk.

For now the state emergency service confirmed the death of only one person as a result of the collapse of the house.

«While officially, one person died», — said the first Deputy head of the SSES Valery Boris.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko also confirmed the death of one man under the rubble of a house in the center of Kiev, said the press service of the Kyiv mayor.

«Today, 6 people rescued, one person died. There is information that under blockages there can be still people. Rescue work continues, not so intense because there is a threat of collapse of the section of the house. Our key objective is to avoid new victims, as rescuers worked in difficult and dangerous conditions», — said Klitschko.

City mayor stressed that the building is in private ownership over 10 years, and the work there was carried out without permits and in violation of safety, which led to tragic events.

Klitschko drew attention that the Kyiv city state administration any permits for repair work. «Permission is in the competence of the State architectural and construction inspection. According to the information that we have today, permission for reconstruction of house on the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky have been issued. An investigation is underway. After the findings of the experts we will be able to inform that became the reason of a collapse», — said Klitschko.

Klitschko instructed his deputies — Peter Pantaleo and Alexander Spasibki and chairmen of district state administrations of Kiev to inspect all the houses of the capital, who are in an emergency condition, for the purpose of detecting the unauthorized carrying out construction and repair works, as well as the implementation of measures to prevent people being there.

Klitschko also instructed to be sure to attract to the verification specialists of the Department of State architectural and construction inspection in Kiev, which is responsible for granting permissions for construction works.

«I gave the task to check all emergency home and take control of that no unauthorized work in such houses was not carried out», — said Klitschko.

Meanwhile, the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office decided to transfer the investigation of criminal proceedings on the fact of the collapse building in the center of the capital to the investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the National police in the city of Kiev.

This decision is due to the scale of the event and the serious consequences to which it led, reported in a press-service of Prosecutor’s office.

For comprehensive, full and effective investigation of all circumstances of this incident the Prosecutor’s office has prepared written instructions to the investigators on taking urgent investigative actions and examinations.

On the ground floor of the collapsed house was setting up the coffee shop, — the victim Builder

The builders settled in the coffee shop on the first floor of the house that crashed. The owner of this coffee house is still under the rubble.

About it journalists were told by one of the affected builders, Ivan Khiminets, which is now in the 17th hospital in Kiev, transfers UNIAN.

The Builder said that he and his colleagues at the moment when the collapsed floors on the upper floors, was engaged in the construction of the first floor, where I was supposed to be a coffee shop. He also added that the overlap between the 1st and the 2nd floors was new, and, most likely, it collapsed from the blow on top of the remains of the old wooden floor.

«There were new floors, they did not look accidental. The collapse has occurred from-that was removed a partition wall, dismantled the other team. We worked with plaster and was preparing to lay tile,» said the Builder.

He also added that the customer is still under the rubble: «the Customer is still under the rubble. There was supposed to be a coffee shop. The customer took the area on the ground floor in rent».

As reported, on 25 February at about 16.00 in 5-floor house on Bogdan Khmelnitsky street collapsed floors. The collapse occurred during renovations in the emergency evacuated the house, which is privately owned.

During search and rescue operations from the rubble managed to extract six people.

In the State architectural and construction inspection (Derzharhbudinspektsiya) reported that repair work, during which in the center of Kiev Bogdan Khmelnitsky street collapsed several floors, was illegal.

As explained in the Department, Derzharhbudinspektsiya as at 25 February 2016 has not issued a permit and has not registered other permits which would grant the right to perform preparatory and construction works on the street B. Khmelnitsky, 12-14 in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.

Klitschko has denied the death of two workers as a result of the collapse of the Khmelnitsky. All emergency houses in Kiev will check 26.02.2016

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