Klitschko conducts an inventory of all Parking areas of Kiev

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko has instructed the Department of transport infrastructure of the city state administration and heads of districts to collect and organize information about work day and night Parking in Kiev over the past eight months, and expressed serious claims to work of the head of KP «kievtransparkservis» Artem Shamrai.

As reported the press service of Kyiv city state administration, today in Kiev there are 39,706 thousand 890 Parking spaces in the Parking lots. Of them 29,199 thousand Parking spaces 430 Parking areas provides for the transfer to service contractors, the appropriate payment of the Parking fee and filling the budget. However, currently signed 328 contracts from 430. This leads to a shortfall of the relevant receipts in the capital budget.

According to the press service, in particular, the debt of KP «kievtransparkservis» as of the second quarter of this year amounted to 2,8 million UAH, and as of the third quarter of 7.6 million UAH. Thus, the utility is not paid to the budget of Kyiv of UAH 10.4 mln. the Parking fee. As the city state administration, one third of the available Parking spaces operated by entities outside the legal field.

«Also strikes a number of raids of Parking spaces – in less than 2016, they already are about 10», — noted in the message.

Before the end of the month it is planned to complete the inventory of Parking spaces in the context of individual areas and develop a plan of action on legalization of appropriate Parking areas.

According to the first results of the inventory in the Desnyansky district of the city, Kyivtransparkservis in the area belongs to 96 Parking lots, on which there are a 4.766 thousand 2,449 thousand legal and illegal Parking spaces. Already identified the potential for legalization on the street up to 4.5 thousand Parking spaces.

«Systematic failure of the financial plan of «Kyivtransparkservis» and its loss suggests the presence of significant flaws in the economic activity of the enterprise. Now we are facing an important task – to make an inventory of all Parking spaces actual number of Parking spaces, to analyze all the data obtained in the districts and on the basis of this information to solve the problem of illegal Parking», — said the Director of the Department of transport infrastructure of the city state administration Sergey Meisel.

From 24 November to 6 December this year will work the special Commission which structure includes representatives of city administration, Department of transport infrastructure, anti-corruption Council, public activists. The Commission must examine the work of KP «Kyivtransparkservis». The results of her work will be drafted the act, which will be considered by the Kyiv city head.

Earlier it was reported that on the streets of Kiev return tow.

Klitschko conducts an inventory of all Parking areas of Kiev 28.11.2016

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