Klimkin assured that the visa-free regime with the EU threatens nothing

Visa-free regime of Ukraine with the European Union is not in danger. This broadcast «Sedanka z 1+1» said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, reports TSN.

He said that in six months bezveza have used about 400 thousand Ukrainians. Only 61 citizen was not allowed in the EU. According to the Minister, they had any problems with documents or criminal records in the countries of the European Union.

Klimkin said that Brussels have a question for the completion of the formation of anti-corruption system, in particular to the creation of an anti-corruption court, but it does not threaten bezveze.

«No, Beavis tomorrow Ukraine will not take. But what promised to be performed. I remember we did a visa-free plan. And the creation of anti-corruption bodies was part of the plan. But if we have fulfilled the plan, then it operates «, – said the Minister.

Visa-free regime with Ukraine earned 11 Jun 2017.

On 21 December, the French Ambassador in Ukraine, Ms. Dumont reported that the European Union had a question about the suspension of visa-free regime with Ukraine after the attacks on the anti-corruption agencies in the country.

On 29 November, the security Service of Ukraine detained seven employees of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, who were working undercover. On 30 November, the Prosecutor General’s office reported one of the detainees on suspicion of provocation and bribery, the first Deputy Chairman of the State migration service of Ukraine Dina Emahool.

December 1, HCP has published a video with photos of the agents of NABOO. Also showed their cars with niezarejestrowana license plates.

NABU said that the GPU and the SBU illegally intervened in a special operation aimed at identifying participants of an organized criminal group in the State migration service, and called such actions of law enforcement «sabotage».

On 3 December, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko said that «all the so-called agents of NABOO,» obtained a job with the violation of the Ukrainian legislation, without an open competition.

On 6 December, the chairmen of the factions of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and «popular front» Artur Gerasimov and Maksym Burbak have registered a bill No. 7362, which proposed to give the Parliament the right to Express no confidence in the heads of NABOO, Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors and members of the National Agency for prevention of corruption.

According to the initiative, the question of the expression by Parliament of no confidence in the heads of departments may be introduced in the Parliament on the proposal of the President, Cabinet Ministers and 150 MPs. The censure these officials entails their resignation.

The bill was condemned by the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International, the coalition of experts of the «Reanimation package of reforms» (unites 80 organizations) and the Director of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde.

Klimkin assured that the visa-free regime with the EU threatens nothing 22.12.2017

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