Kivalov flew to the inauguration of the trump. The place is 10 to 100 thousand dollars

The controversial ex-Chairman of the Central election Commission, MP Serhiy Kivalov went to the inauguration of the new US President Donald trump. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Kivalov also showed a photo of the invitations.

Meanwhile, the former head of the intelligence Service of Ukraine and head of the Supreme Council of national fees Mykola Malomuzh said that the ticket for the inauguration of trump is worth 10 to 100 thousand dollars. He told about it in the comments of «Radio Liberty».

Malomuzh said that the invitation was received, because for 12 years, maintains contact with the Republican party of the United States with the ex-heads of U.S. intelligence.

In the United States, he plans not only to take part in the celebrations, but also to hold a series of meetings at the international level on safety issues.

That is why participation was besplatnim, said Malomuzh.

However, there are those who have paid for the invitation, but still a lot of money, he added, without specifying names.

«Those who come just guys our representatives, respectively, they are investing their money. Because they are invited as representatives of either business, or politics. And it’s going to pay for membership and participation. All prices do not know, according to what sector is from 10 to 100 thousand dollars. Yes, those who want to show that they have something,» says Malomuzh.

58th inauguration ceremony of U.S. President begins January 20, Friday at 11:30 a.m. local time (18:30 on Kiev). The ceremony was attended by 800-900 thousand people.

Kivalov flew to the inauguration of the trump. The place is 10 to 100 thousand dollars 20.01.2017

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