Kiva: In socialism, you need to add heat. I have this spice

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Ilya Kiva, who said he headed the Socialist party of Ukraine, in interview to the edition «the Country» told me that he came into the political force in which he is comfortable and where he can be realized.

«I didn’t come to where I was called. I’d take everywhere, because the country has a huge shortage of personnel. I came to a place where I feel comfortable and I will be able to be realized. And do not confuse socialism with the Soviet Union… I have this party has long been hooked. Look,» – said Kiva.

Then, he said, he saw the media success of the people’s Deputy, leader of «For freedom!» Vadim Rabinovich.

«I thought about what I should do to become much better. There is a brand of the party «For life!», and it deserves attention. There is a brand of the socialist party, and this is a Maybach next to the «Zaporozhets». And most importantly: I asked Avakov (Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. – «GORDON»), and why doesn’t he go for the presidency. He clearly said that in Ukraine the President should be Ukrainian. This is what I? Rabinovich – zero chance. I lost 15 kg and full of energy and determination. And no there is no anti-Semitism. Rabinowitz I see as a partner in the political game. The purpose of some one to sew. We already have a collapse, it is the fermentation process,» – said Kiva.

According to him, «to sew” means to unite all the same idea.

«What is peace? That’s the idea. The idea is achieved in different ways. The only thing: we’ll make a socialist thread. I carefully listen to yourself, understand the people who surround me. Socialism is optimal for perception, and it can not love, but you don’t reject, like communism or Nazism, because it is quite neutral. In our case it is necessary to add heat. I have this spice,» said the politician.

July 8, Kiva said that he decided to lead the Socialist party of Ukraine. According to him, in the near future the party «regain leading positions on the Ukrainian political field» and become «an important instrument of change in the country.» The social network responded to the statement Kiva jokes.

In an interview with «the Country» Kiva said that in the next parliamentary elections plans to recruit 12-14% of the vote.

Kiva: In socialism, you need to add heat. I have this spice 13.07.2017

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