Kiva: Dekanoidze Avakov wear out their moans and complaints at me. As a male, I suppressed

From the first days of work Khatia Dekanoidze at the head of the National police of Ukraine I had with her conflict, because she tried to control my every move. About it in interview to the edition «GORDON» said the former adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov and former head of the Department of national police on combating drug-related crime Ilya Kiva.

«My first day was a conflict with Dekanoidze! Although initially she licked me, blew off the dust. What is the conflict with Khatia was? She told me: «You’re a non-system people». I said, «I’m a systems person!» «You don’t fit into the format.» Me: «fuck!» The woman began to control my every move, every word. To control every day!» – said Kiva.

According to the former law enforcement officers, Dekanoidze regularly complained about it Avakov.

«Dekanoidze, frankly, fucked my supervisor with their complaints and moans. It is generally much dripping Avakov on the brain for me. First, no one I can not specify. Second, she led me formally. Thirdly, as a male, I was crushed. Why?! Sorry, but I’m a man and she’s a woman» – said Kiva.

He added that Dekanoidze blocked the work of his Department and gave him access to classified materials of national police.

«She doesn’t have enough experience to correctly recognize the feelings and emotions of people around her. She at some point realized that you will not be able to talk me through it, got scared, started to pull away. She blocked the work of my Department, never gave me a security clearance. Without this tolerance, we could not work: to listen, to maintain operational activities. Why she did that? It was personal to me as a woman,» says the Kiva.

«Many of the processes in Ukraine are constrained due to Avakov. If he leaves the post of Minister – the streets are filled with blood.» The full interview with Ilya Kiva

Khatia Dekanoidze headed Netpolicy Ukraine little more than a year – from 5 November 2015 to 16 November 2016 – and left the post at own will. While still in office, Dekanoidze said that he sees Ilya Kiva in the new Ukrainian police. «I’m here to gradually to ensure that the functionality, structure and the people who work in our team are appropriate and worthy», – said at the time, the head of national police.

In April 2016 Dekanoidze has initiated the dismissal of Kiva from the post of head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime. The reason, she said, was an interview with Kiva resource «Strenia» where he alleged that some soldiers of the ATO are willing to «fill up» at the request of the organizers of the smuggling of cocaine. In may 2016 Kiva was dismissed from the national police. Now Kiva is headed by the Socialist party of Ukraine.

Kiva: Dekanoidze Avakov wear out their moans and complaints at me. As a male, I suppressed 31.08.2017

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