Kirilenko: the state can punish for Russian TV series

Cases when Russian TV series that were supposed to be banned, received a distribution certificate, are investigated. If they really were created after the beginning of the Russian aggression, the licence will be cancelled and will punish the state, said Vice Prime Minister — Minister of culture of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko in the program «Right to rule» in the night air of the TV channel «1+1».

Of NABOO require to check the head of the state on corruption links

«We, in my opinion, do nothing but make decisions that have severely criticized because they consider them draconian. But we fulfill the law adopted by the Parliament of this convocation, about protecting the ex-President of Georgia. All the series starting with 2014 release, is prohibited. Another thing is that there are several cases, when by manipulating the series, which is released later served as those made before Russian aggression, and was given a state distribution certificate. These cases are being investigated, and if confirmed, then, first of all, will be cancelled with a distribution certificate, and secondly, to blame, and it concerns the state, in this case will be punished,» — said Kirilenko.

He also added that the Ministry of culture clearly operates according to the law, making a list of Russian figures who fall under the sanctions.

«SBU gives us a list of individuals who speak out publicly against the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Sometimes, unfortunately, that even well-known Russian actors, previously favorite, and partly, perhaps, now. But we are making a list, and they fall under the sanctions are removed from teleprostranstve, cinemas and so forth,» — said Kirilenko.

Of NABOO require to check the head of the state on corruption links

The public demands from the National antikorruptsionera Bureau of Ukraine should check the activity of Philip Ilienko as the head of the State Agency on television and broadcasting on the subject of corruption and ties with the leadership of the TRK Ukraine. With such statement the head of NABOO asked the attorney Association «Rodnik».

The statement said that the ignorance on the part of the state regular violations of the TRC «Ukraine» of the current legislation, namely the numerous shows broadcast forbidden Russian product and the persona non grata arouse suspicion in corruption communications with the channel management, writes «Obozrevatel».

«We received a huge number of complaints from citizens, who regularly point to the facts broadcast forbidden Russian product on the TV channel «Ukraine». The TV station is guided by only own benefit, as to buy Russian content much cheaper and easier than creating your. This ignores the national interests and security of the country, and the Ukrainian base Russian air saturated with product,» — said the representative of the bar Association «Rodnik» Alexander Tumarkin.

«While the country is trying to deal with powerful information war and the overpowering corruption, Philip Ilyenko uses his official position contrary to the interests of the state. Since the violation of these sanctions against the Russian product is equivalent to the crime on the country and people. Do not exclude or mercenary purpose or other interested officials. Require the NEB to take immediate action,» said Tumarkin.

Recall, the most publicity has acquired violation of TRK «Ukraine», which was in the Russian TV series «Trace». For a long time the series came out on TV, and after the entry into force of the law on restriction of display of the product in ether, instead of to remove the product from the airwaves, on the TV channel went to illegal actions.

In particular, perennial part of the series of frames, so that the Russian identifying marks (car number, the form of law enforcement and the like); renamed the Federal expert service, referred to in the series, in Fact; in the credits he wrote that the series made in Ukraine in 2015. And, under the guise of the Ukrainian series, showed the Ukrainians are the same Russian «Trace». Note, after the publicity the state eventually revoked the rental license of the series.

Earlier it was reported that the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vitaliy kupriy filed the Deputy appeal to the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie, the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting and the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio with a demand to take effective measures to protect the information space of Ukraine, reported on his page in Facebook.

The MP, in particular, noted that «LLC «Broadcasting company «Ukraine» systematically television movies and series, created by the aggressor state after 1 January 2014, ignoring statutory regulations and neglecting the basic moral norms».

Kirilenko: the state can punish for Russian TV series 12.02.2016

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