Kim Jong-UN has gained some weight 40 kg

South Korean intelligence services claim that North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN since his «reign» have put on 40 pounds. This writes The Sun.

According to scouts, if in 2012 the weight of Kim Jong-UN was 90 kilos, now there are 130. Presumably, the reason for such weight gain was the excesses of the Supreme leader of North Korea in food and alcohol.

In addition, scouts report that the 33-year-old leader of North Korea is suffering from insomnia caused by paranoia concerning personal safety, and smokes a lot.

We will remind, Kim Jong-UN is the third representative of the Kim dynasty has been in power since the end of 2011. His father and grandfather also were overweight and had been heavy smokers. Both died from cardiovascular disease.

The current North Korean leader is suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

We will note, in March, Pyongyang urged the DPRK citizens to prepare for hunger.

«The path to revolution is long and hard. We may have another go at a difficult March, during which we eat the roots of plants,» – said in the official newspaper of the regime.

Kim Jong-UN has gained some weight 40 kg 02.07.2016

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