Killed the mayor of Starobelsk, Luhansk region

On February 22 in the ambulance from the received traumas has died, the mayor of Starobelsk Vladimir Jivago. This was reported by press-Secretary GU the Ministry of internal Affairs in Lugansk area Tatyana Pogukai in Facebook.

«Just been informed that in the ambulance from his injuries in the head, died the mayor of the city of Starobelsk Vladimir Givaga», — stated in the message.

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Posted by Tatyana Pogukai, on 22 February 2016

According to preliminary information, at 22.00 Monday during a tour of the premises a watchman found the mayor, lying on the ground in the courtyard Starobelsk city Council.

On the scene working the investigatory-operative group.

The National police confirmed that the death of the mayor of Starobelsk qualify as murder.

Vladimir Givaga — the candidate from the party «Our edge», General Director of agricultural limited liability company «agricultural chemical», became the mayor of Starobelsk Luhansk region as a result of the regional elections in 2015.f

Killed the mayor of Starobelsk, Luhansk region 23.02.2016

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