Killed another Russian who fought in the PMC «Wagner» – media

October 20, during military action in Syria killed 25-year-old native of the village of Obrok in Mordovia (Russian Federation) Yury Ebel. About it reports the local edition «Capital».

It is known that Ebel has served in the private military company (PMC) «Wagner». In Syria, he came under fire of the enemy, which killed the entire group of 18 people.

According to the publication, in 2014 the Russians participated in the «peacekeeping activities» in Crimea and the Donbass.

The u-boat left eight-month-old son. The deceased was buried in Mordovia.

RBC reports, citing friends of the deceased that Ebel was in Syria for a third time. Before he went there in the spring of 2017 and the end of 2016.

In social networks Ebel attended under a pseudonym Yuri Kostenkov.

The military conflict in Syria lasts since 2011. The fighting involved government forces, the opposition, radical Islamists, Kurds and other forces. A significant part of Syria is controlled by ISIS militants. In September 2015, the conflict was joined by Russia, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

PMC «Wagner» was founded by a native of Ukraine Dmitry Utkin. According to «Fontanka», the company participated in the fighting in the Donbass on the party of separatists, in particular in the battle for debaltseve. The Russian nationalist newspaper «Sputnik and Pogrom» wrote that PMC «Wagner» eliminate the known leaders of the separatists of Alexei Mozgovoy, Pavel Dremov, Alexander Bednova, Yevgeny Ishchenko and others.

In the spring of 2016 the media first reported that in the middle East, killing dozens of mercenaries PMC «Wagner». Unit is in Syria in the autumn of 2015. In June 2017, the US imposed sanctions against the military campaign and Utkin.

Killed another Russian who fought in the PMC «Wagner» – media 16.11.2017

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