Kilchytska about the candidate for the position of head of «PrivatBank»: Mueller-Hanke – crook who should be in prison

The investigation of the German banker Reiner Mueller-Hanke, of which the delegation of the European Bank for reconstruction and development proposed as a candidate for the position of head of «PrivatBank», must deal with Interpol. About this in comments to the edition «GORDON» said the former Deputy mayor of Kiev, former Vice-President of «PRAVEX-Bank» Irena Kilchytska.

«With surprise from the press learned that in «PrivatBank» Chairman of the Board want to put Reiner Mueller-Hanke. This person is negatively known in banking circles. Mueller-Hanke – crook who should be in prison. He was Chairman of the Board of Swedbank. The Swedes he was appointed, when carried purchase «TAS-Commerzbank». Mueller-Hanke brought the Bank and specifically bankrupted him, deceived shareholders. The transaction was carried out without shareholders ‘ meeting and resolutions of the Supervisory Board. One day Swedbank was sold to the factoring company «the Vector Plus», which on the same day resold all of the assets of the factoring company «Credit initiative». The ultimate beneficiaries of both factoring companies an offshore company. These factoring companies evicting people from their homes raider ways. Not the court acted, roughly, using the gangs – there are many complaints from citizens,» – said Kilchytska.

«Müller-Hanke has worked with several partners-the Ukrainians. I won’t mention names, only to say that at first, he resold the loan portfolio Swedbank «Delta Bank». Then, when it was the deal to sell the troubled Bank, suddenly from the shareholders of Swedbank has expanded its statutory Fund by $100 million that appeared in offshore accounts. It was pure money laundering. Swedbank personally served the lawyer Oleksiy Didkovskiy. After the sale of the Bank Mueller-Hanke bought a Villa in Italy (this info is easy to check), and Didkovsky – house in London and moved the family back. Also during operation, Swedbank’s legal company Didkovskiy was made «legal» the service provided by Swedbank. Monthly from the accounts of the Bank were written off millions in expenses to pay this company for alleged legal services», – said the interlocutor.

According to her, the candidate for the position of head of «PrivatBank» there are problems with education.

«Müller-Hanke has no higher education. He uses fake documents. He graduated from the technical school in Berlin. Then he worked in Moscow. Wife Mueller-Hanke – Russian woman. This couple hates everything Ukrainian and speaks openly about it. To fake diploma (do not just Ukrainian politicians and deputies, but also the Europeans), Mueller-Hanke wrote the application about loss of documents. All other papers on education are only his copies. I give them to you. Interestingly, there is a University diploma, which he supposedly graduated in Germany, and the diploma Supplement, where the grades in each subject (sometimes required). In these documents (the diploma and the Annex) the names of the leaders of the University are the same, but the signature is different. That is, it is forged,» – said Kilchytska.

«We have ski instructors, the terminal set, wipers, led by banks. I heard his candidature was proposed by the European Bank for reconstruction and development. They may also want to participate in corruption schemes, because we have to do easier, than in Europe? Mueller-Hanke – speculator, not a banker. Where to watch the security Service of Ukraine and Interpol? «PrivatBank» in Ukraine. Due to predatory unprofessional policy of the national Bank has completely destroyed our banking system. And with the help of this criminals want to finish «PrivatBank», its depositors and borrowers. In confirmation of the foregoing, the present edition of the documents, also a lot of information is in the public domain,» said Kilchytska.

A scan of the document provided by Irena Kilchytska

Kilchytska about the candidate for the position of head of «PrivatBank»: Mueller-Hanke – crook who should be in prison 17.07.2017

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