Kiev shipyard «Lenin’s smithy» unable to rename «Armour forge» in March

Kiev shipbuilding plant «Leninskaya Kuznitsa» unable to rename «Armour forge» at the shareholders meeting on 30 March. The relevant draft decisions submitted to the meeting, reported on the website of the company.

It is noted that it is also planned to consider the issue of changing forms of ownership with public joint-stock company to private joint stock company.

Decommunization in Ukraine began in the spring of 2015. April 9, Verkhovna Rada adopted the package of laws on de-communization, which Soviet symbols is prohibited and condemned by the Communist regime. May 15, 2015 they were signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the 21st of may they entered into force. In the framework of the Council of government was to rename all the streets and towns whose names are associated with the Communist regime.

In 2016 Ukraine was renamed more than 50 thousand streets and for nearly a thousand settlements in the framework of de-communization.

The plant «Lenin’s smithy» was privatized in 1995, the major shareholder of the company is non-diversified corporate investment Fund «Prime essets Capital» of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The plant «Lenin’s smithy», in particular, is engaged in the development of armored vehicles for the National guard and the Armed forces of Ukraine.

During the shareholders ‘ meeting of «Lenin’s smithy» on 19 April 2016, it was decided to hold a national competition to name the new enterprise.

Kiev shipyard «Lenin’s smithy» unable to rename «Armour forge» in March 06.07.2017

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