Kidnapped by the FSB, the Ukrainian gentry, he wrote the first letter to the families

Ukrainian Evgeny Panov, whom Russian authorities accused of preparing terrorist acts on the territory of the Crimea, wrote the first letter to the families. About this on his page in Facebook wrote to his brother, journalist Igor Kotelenez.

«And we have the first letter from Jenny. Short, neutral, but his. A month has gone. Apologizes to everyone that was a victim in a political game that causes loved ones to suffer and worry for him. This whole Jack: used to take care of over all, and fought for it — not used. Feels better. Says he loves all, and thanks for the help. He knows about it. Transfer the money to the account received. And here is his signature «Let’s live!» at the end. Always when of someone in the family — Jack says «we will Break» or «Will to live». And things somehow worked out, and everything falls into place.», — wrote Kotelenez.

We will remind, on August 10 in the FSB reported that in the Crimea detained the citizen of Ukraine Eugene gentry, who was named «one of the organizers of the attacks originating in Crimea». This brother Panov claimed that Ukrainians were kidnapped in the Zaporozhye region and taken to the Crimea.

Another detainee in the case — Andrei Zahau — 5 September the investigative bodies of the Russian Federation was charged with aiding and abetting terrorism.

On 13 October it became known that Panov and Sahaja moved in a Moscow jail «Lefortovo», and after that, the defenders saw the bloody wounds from handcuffs on his hands Panov and Sahaja, and scars on the face.

Detained on charges of sabotage Ukrainians after the carriage in the Moscow remand prison of the FSB «Lefortovo» is not allowed nor Consul, nor lawyers.

As previously reported, lawyers for the detained in the occupied Crimea Evgenia Panova, Olga and Dmitry Dinze, have been unable to get to his client in the SIZO «Lefortovo» in Moscow.

Previously a member of the Public oversight Commission (POC) Zoya Svetova said she was in Moscow SIZO «Lefortovo» in the absence of lawyers go to some operatives.

Kidnapped by the FSB, the Ukrainian gentry, he wrote the first letter to the families 29.11.2016

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