Khodorkovsky: the new state Duma of the Russian Federation cannot be considered legitimate

The founder of the movement «Open Russia» Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that the newly elected Russian Parliament cannot be treated as legitimate. He said this on Monday at the first Forum of Boris Nemtsov, which took place in Berlin, reports «UKRINFORM».

«I was surprised to hear the recent statements by some Western commentators that the recent elections in Russia were transparent. And accordingly the current government, in their view, legitimate. What the hell?» — surprised Khodorkovsky.

However, he urged to look at the voting results in the regions where it is constantly undergoing so-called counter-terrorism operations, and where has always been strong the power of local «warlords». «There voter turnout and votes for Putin’s puppets quite a North Korean,» said the opposition leader.

He drew attention to the fact that «in General, 15 percent, of which 5 million civil servants, army and security forces, and 11 million — a dependent state, Putin again gave itself the right to change the Constitution, to spend money on the barbaric bombing of Aleppo, to spend money on arms for the murder of thousands of Ukrainian citizens, on cancellation of the contract for the disposal of plutonium».

Khodorkovsky has addressed to the President of France, where Putin rides a week: «who the French President is going to meet? A member of the leaders club of civilized democratic countries or with a person whose power is based on corruption, fear and the propaganda of Goebbels?»

He noted that in Germany there are people who are called to lead with Putin business as always, taking money from his entourage, to protect his interests.

Immediate objectives of his political power, Khodorkovsky said to inspire supporters to sway the undecided, and to do so, to force the regime to show its true face. In addition, you must prepare a reform plan and personnel for their quick implementation after the fall of the regime the people who have experience in political communication, in particular participation in the elections.

«We have to explain that the current crisis — economic, political — not a coincidence. This is the inevitable result of the monopolization of all spheres of life of the country», — emphasizes Khodorkovsky.

He is convinced that Russia entered the transition period, out of which it is impossible partial changes, such as change of government or the presidential administration. But even regime change is not the end of the transition period — it will end with the elimination of the super-presidential form of government and institutional guarantees regular turnover of power at the end of fair elections.

«Russia will return to itself, and then return to Europe. And we will live up to it» — optimistically concluded the former head of Yukos, adding that for this to work, not looking «at the risk of bullets, poison, prison.»

Khodorkovsky: the new state Duma of the Russian Federation cannot be considered legitimate 10.10.2016

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