Khodorkovsky is ready to provide Putin and Medvedev guarantees «full immunity»

The head of the «Open Russia» Mikhail Khodorkovsky stands for an active dialogue of opposition with «most doubtful» of Russian society, and agree to provide the present top management of the Russian Federation a number of specific guarantees. He said this on 19 February 2016 at a meeting with his supporters in London, reports Znak.

«I think that we need to have a dialogue with people who, although are not our supporters, but we are ready to listen to us, — said Khodorkovsky. — Many such, we believe that 20-30% of the Russian society. These are the people, ready to hear an alternative point of view. As for the humanitarian aspect, I in principle do not recognize the separation of people based on their political views. People have a right to any opinions but, first, they are fellow citizens. Only with this approach we can build a nation state, otherwise we are waiting for the collapse and civil war, and I’m such a scenario can be considered not want. Here you are (the London audience — ed.) live in a country where many fought for political reasons, but see how now how your political culture. If you come to visit and want to talk about politics, you first get the consent of people to talk about politics, also, if you are not sure that all of us share your political views, you also will not talk about politics».

On the question of what fate may await Putin and his family in the case of the arrival of Khodorkovsky to the authorities while they previously announced a «peaceful revolution», the politician replied as follows:

«I don’t see any confrontation between us in the personal sphere, our accounts are closed. He is my political opponent. I think rightly and worthily, when a former opponent — former President or former Prime Minister — will enjoy complete immunity, as it is arranged in a normal country (if they do not commit personal crimes). They should be released from liability for their actions in the political life, if it were not criminal offences, but it must establish the court.

I know that many members of the opposition are supporters of a strict attitude toward the regime and future lustration, but I think that this is a road to nowhere. There are too many hatred, society is too divided. Someone has to start forgiving, and if we consider ourselves to be more moral than our opponents, and we hope that is true, then forgiving should we start. No matter how hard.»

We will remind, now living in the UK the leader of the «Open Russia» has previously accused Putin in «a full-fledged anti-constitutional coup» and called for regime change in the country by «peaceful revolution».

«The revolution is inevitable and necessary. That’s a good word. It can and should be peaceful. To make a revolution of peace is our common task,» he said.

In response, the Russian authorities declared him internationally wanted by Interpol for allegedly they organized a contract killing of the mayor of Nefteyugansk.

Khodorkovsky is ready to provide Putin and Medvedev guarantees «full immunity» 20.02.2016

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