Kerry: we have a «plan B» on Syria

It is not possible to ensure the formation of a real government of the transitional process in Syria, the United States will move to an alternate plan of action. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, said «Gordon» with reference to Reuters.

«In a month or two we will see how serious this transition process. Assad will have to make a number of decisions about the formation of a real transition government in the process. Otherwise, we consider a «plan B,» said Kerry.

The Agency notes that «plan B» probably implies military action.

The heads of the Pentagon and the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) doubt that Russia will respect the ceasefire in Syria, and need to prepare a plan of action in case of breakdown of agreements. According to The Wall Street Journal with reference to sources in presidential administration of the USA. Security officials propose to increase support for militants fighting against the Syrian government, says

According to the newspaper, the head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter, Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of the Armed forces of the United States Joseph Dunford and the head of the CIA John Brennan on the recently held meetings at the White house expressed «extremely belligerent attitude» against Moscow and called on «to create real trouble for the Russians».

Carter and Dunford, expected to make a formal recommendation for Barack Obama to prepare a so-called «plan B» in case of failure by Russia of the ceasefire, according to sources.

The debate around this plan has already begun. In the White house are currently discussing options for intelligence support to Syrian rebels, to help the opposition to defend against Russian airstrikes.

Among options to put pressure on Russia — the introduction of new economic sanctions. At the same time in the administration doubt that the European powers would support the motion because of the interest in trade relations with Russia.

We will remind, on Monday, February 22, in the evening was circulated a joint statement of the Russian Federation and the United States, which says that the ceasefire in Syria will come into force on 27 February at 00:00 (Damascus time).

The statement stressed that the truce apply to all parties to the conflict, with the exception of terrorist groups «Islamic state» and «dzhebhat EN-Nusra» and other terrorist organizations recognized by the UN Security Council.

Second round of Syrian peace talks was supposed to start in Geneva under the auspices of the UN on 25 February, however, at the end of last week, the emissary of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura acknowledged that to initiate them in this day cannot.

On 23 February, the Syrian President Bashar Assad has appointed a parliamentary election in the country on 13 April 2016. In the vote will be elected by the two chambers of the local Parliament. The message about the elections appeared shortly after it became known that the U.S. and Russia reached an agreement on a ceasefire in Syria on February 27.

Kerry: we have a «plan B» on Syria 24.02.2016

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