Kerry: Ukraine should promote reform by the end of

The United States continues to put pressure on the Ukrainian government to implement reforms identified by the program of support of the IMF and tackle corruption in the country. This was said by the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, speaking at a hearing in the House of representatives, reports «UKRINFORM».

Obama’s visit to Ukraine is not planned yet – the White house

«Vice President Biden and I met with President Poroshenko in Switzerland a few weeks ago. Then we had a meeting in Munich. We insist on very hard, to try to ensure reforms in place that are also frankly require certain steps within the framework of the Minsk process,» said U.S. Secretary of state.

He stressed that the administration is closely monitoring the situation. «The Parliament has to act decisively, the President must promote these reforms to the end,» said Kerry.

According to him, the results in this direction are insufficient. Thus explains the absence of a decision of the IMF to allocate the next tranche of Ukraine. In addition, delayed the process of granting the next credit guarantees by $ 1 billion, as stated previously.

At the same time, the head of the state Department remarked that the United States provide significant support to the reforms that Ukraine could «move forward on many issues». In this regard, he noted that there is a speech about specific changes in the judicial system, increase energy security, reforms in the defence, security, health and other fields.

Obama’s visit to Ukraine is not planned yet – the White house

U.S. President Barack Obama is not currently planning a visit to Ukraine. This was reported by White house press Secretary Josh Ernest, reports «Radio freedom».

However, he stressed that the Obama administration has made significant efforts to address the problems associated with the situation in Ukraine.

Ernest drew attention to the fact that the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden that, among other representatives of the Obama administration to the greatest extent involved in the Ukrainian issues, visited Ukraine at the end of last year. The White house spokesman noted that this was largely due to «the refusal of the Russians to fulfill their part of the Minsk agreements».

Ukraine «has carried out a number of important reforms which in the long run will do her good, said Ernest. But now the biggest problem is the unwillingness of the Russians and the separatists in Eastern Ukraine, which they support, to fulfil their commitments under the Minsk agreements».

White house press Secretary added that Kiev «can continue to count on the support of the United States in a measure to solve this difficult situation».

Earlier it was reported that in 2016 the visit to Ukraine could cause President Barack Obama.

Kerry: Ukraine should promote reform by the end of 25.02.2016

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