Kernes theology is a political prostitute who has gone mad

The mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes said in the author’s program of Dmitry Gordon on the TV channel «112 Ukraine» that the former people’s Deputy from Party of regions Inna Bohoslovska is a political prostitute.

Asked to comment on the Theological words that «during his stay in power in Kharkiv Kernes became a dollar billionaire», the mayor of Kharkiv said, «Inna Bohoslovska is a political prostitute who has gone mad».

According to him, it can show letters of appreciation to the mother of the Theological in his address, also found certain statements made by former MP in the media.

«As she had flattered Mikhail Dobkin (the MP from the Opposition bloc. – «GORDON») and Gennady Kernes! At the moment when it was necessary, she crowed for Yanukovych (fluent ex-the President Victor Yanukovych. – «GORDON»), quickly switched and began to crow at him differently, so talking about Theology, I don’t want to. Why waste time on it – and our viewers? A political prostitute – repeat», – said Kernes.

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16 Sep 2016 Bohoslovska said in an interview with «GORDON» that in Kharkov there is an organized criminal group under the leadership of Kernes.

Bohoslovska announced the withdrawal from the Party of regions and parliamentary candidate from this political force on 30 November 2013. According to her, then started «the plan to split Ukraine into several parts». «Whether understands it Yanukovych, concerned about his power is unknown, but the plan began to be implemented under the guise of the hands of Yanukovych supporters of Putin (the Russian President Vladimir Putin. – «GORDON») in Ukraine», – said she.

Kernes theology is a political prostitute who has gone mad 30.08.2017

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