Kazarin on the fire in Kemerovo: «Russian world» never responds to the error

The tragedy in the Russian town of Kemerovo was the result of the situation inherent in «Russian world». This opinion column for «the Crimea.Realities» expressed journalist, broadcaster and commentator Pavel Kazarin.

«Russian world» – this is not just chauvinism and contempt for the colonies. Not only the expansion and the desire to live surrounded by enemies. In large measure it is also a failure to equip controlled. Russian world – is irresponsible. Manual control. Corruption. It is the institutions that work in the interests of power. The power that works in the interests of itself. This is a story about the total ineffectiveness. When the interests of the few are put above the General», – he wrote.

According to Kazarin, the tragedy in Kemerovo is «a simple example of the consequences of such a system».

«And fear not only in the deaths of children, but that even this price, most likely, will not lead to any serious reshuffle. The system does not characterize the error, and the error response, and the «Russian world» never responds to an error,» said the journalist.

Fire in four-storey shopping centre, «Winter cherry» in Kemerovo took place on 25 March. According to the statement of local authorities, the fire started in a children’s trampoline room. According to the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation on March 26, killing 64 people.

The incident Sledkov RF opened a criminal case under article 109, 219 and 238 (causing death by negligence; violation of requirements of fire security, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons providing services not meeting safety requirements) of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.

On March 27 Russia’s Investigative Committee filed charges against five detainees in the case about the fire: administering the «Winter cherry» Hope Sedenak, technical Director of TTS Georgy Sobolev, head of the company that developed the fire alarm, Igor, Polozenko and his subordinate, Alexander Nikitin, and also the guard, who could disable the warning system Sergey Antoshina.

Kazarin on the fire in Kemerovo: «Russian world» never responds to the error 28.03.2018

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