Kazakhstan will hold a constitutional reform: the role of the government and Parliament will skyrocket

Kazakhstan will hold a constitutional reform, in which some of the powers of the President of the national Parliament and government. This in an address to the nation on 25 January, said the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, writes zakon.kz.

«Strong presidential vertical of power needed to overcome the great difficulties of nation-building. She at that time justified. However, the world today is changing. The essence of the proposed reform is a serious redistribution of power, democratization of the political system as a whole. For the President in the new environment, the priorities will be strategic functions, role of Supreme arbiter in relations between the branches of government. The President will also focus on foreign policy, national security and defense. The role of the government and Parliament will skyrocket» — quoted Nazarbayev’s edition.

According to him, the government, Parliament and local authorities will be responsible for the socio-economic processes.

In addition, we plan to enhance the role of Parliament in government formation. According to Nazarbayev, won the election the party will «decisively» influence the formation of the government.

Also in the Kazakhstan mobile phone users must register their devices in the public database. About it reports «Radio Freedom».

Two of the largest mobile operator Kcell and Beeline subscribers announced that all unregistered until July 1, phones will be disconnected.

The introduction of this rule was preceded by the adoption, in December last year, the law against extremism and terrorism, which establishes a database for the registration of mobile terminals according to their unique identification codes IMEI.

A similar law on compulsory registration of mobile phones in November last year, was adopted in Tajikistan.

Recall that Nazarbayev is the first and only President of Kazakhstan. He has led the country since independence. In 2007, Parliament granted him as the first President the right to run for the highest office an unlimited number of times.

Kazakhstan will hold a constitutional reform: the role of the government and Parliament will skyrocket 26.01.2017

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