Kazakhstan has suspended flights to Egypt

Kazakhstan has suspended flights to Egypt. The decision will be valid until a final clarification of the cause of the crash «Kogalymavia» in the Sinai Peninsula. The civil aviation Committee of the Ministry on investments and development of Kazakhstan informed tour operators about the suspension of flights to Egypt, reported RIA «news» the President of the Association of tourist agencies of Kazakhstan Asel Nurkeeva, writes NEWSru.com.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, «the tour operators came a telephone message from the Committee of civil aviation on the suspension of departures (from Kazakhstan) due to the unstable situation in Egypt.»

«This issue has been long discussed, Monday. It comes to the security of Kazakhstan citizens», — said Nurabaeva.

Flights are suspended until final clarification of the cause of the crash «Kogalymavia».

«One hundred percent of the information from the authorities of Egypt and Russia don’t have — was this a terrorist attack or not. If it turns out that not a terrorist attack, flights will resume,» — said the head of the Association.

According to her, «tourists who bought tickets (in Egypt) will now be transplanted or (money) to return, or be replaced by other countries. If someone wants to go to Egypt, he transplanted on regular flights through Istanbul, the Emirates, a stopover,» said Nurabaeva.

Aircraft companies «Kogalymavia», EN route flight KGL9268 to St. Petersburg from Sharm El-Sheikh, crashed shortly after departure in the North Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. On Board were 224 people — 217 passengers, including 25 children, and seven crew members. They all died. Almost all the victims are Russians. Also on Board were four citizens of Ukraine and one passenger from Belarus.

On 6 November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has imposed a temporary ban on flights of Russian airlines in the Egypt. This decision was taken on the recommendation of the FSB in connection with the catastrophe of the A321 in the Sinai Peninsula, which killed 224 people. The Russians decided to take out, allowing a 10 kg hand baggage,the Luggage is transported separately. At the same time, Russians are in no hurry to leave Egypt.

Note that in the «International airlines of Ukraine» (UIA) announced that the company has no plans to adjust the schedule due to the ban of flights over the Sinai Peninsula, as its routes not pass through it.

Before that, the Russian air carriers has adjusted flight routes their flights to the arrival and departure Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) in connection with the requirements of the European organization for the safety of air navigation.

However on Thursday, 5 November, it became known that the carriers of great Britain, France, Netherlands, Ireland will not operate flights to Sharm El Sheikh. About the same stops of the flights declared and the German Lufthansa group. In this direction the group has scheduled two weekly flights of the subsidiaries Lufthansa — Eurowings and Edelweiss Air.

As for Ukraine, the state aviation administration does not support the idea of a complete ban of flights to Egypt and only asks to refrain from flying over the Sinai Peninsula.

Kazakhstan has suspended flights to Egypt 13.11.2015

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