KASKO passed the certificate of the Prosecutor

Ex-Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO Tuesday, February 16, Prosecutor General took from his work record and passed the certificate of the Prosecutor.

This was stated by the assistant to the public Prosecutor Vladislav Kutsenko, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

«Hull on Tuesday came in the personnel Department, signed the order for his dismissal, took the work book and passed the certificate of the Prosecutor,» – said Kutsenko.

He also added that after this KASKO closed the access to the Unified state register of pre-judicial investigations.

The order for dismissal of Kasika was signed by the Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin Yuri Sevruk, because the attorney General was not at work.

As reported today, 15 February, KASKO resigned. In his words, «the last straw was yet another redistribution of the work of the GPU».

«Shokin took me all the functions and tools to conduct business, which started our team, including «diamond» prosecutors», he added.

According to KASKO, «the GPU is a dead body in independence which nobody believes.»

At the same time, the Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction «people’s front» Tatiana Chornovol accused the Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy KASKO in blocking the investigation of financial fraud of former President Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage.

Recall that in the late summer of 2015 it was reported that on KASKO laid powers to combat corruption in the country.

KASKO passed the certificate of the Prosecutor 16.02.2016

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