KASKO Deputy Prosecutor General announced his resignation due to the inability to work to the GPU

The Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO wrote the official report about dismissal, Interfax-Ukraine.

«I decided to resign from the Prosecutor’s office, here’s the report», he said at a press conference in Kyiv on Monday, February 15.

KASKO assumes that after her dismissal from the GPU business «diamond prosecutors» will start to fall apart

«The management of Prosecutor’s office finally turned her body, dominated by mutual responsibility, and any attempt to change this situation within the Prosecutor’s office immediately and prosecuted demonstrative,» said KASKO.

«There is no right and law, and the lawlessness and lawlessness, and key positions in the Prosecutor General’s office increasingly occupy students followers of the infamous Pshonka. Behind the screen seems to be formally reformed body hides custody» — he said.

KASKO said that before taking action consulted with «foreign partners» and received support of his decision.

KASKO says that the GPU is one of the major obstacles to the arrival in Ukraine of foreign investments. He spoke about four main points regarding the results of the reform in the Prosecutor General’s office.

«Today the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine became, first, a brake of reforms and the criminal justice system as a whole. Secondly — a cesspool of corruption. Thirdly, as an instrument of political pressure. And fourthly, one of the major obstacles to the arrival in Ukraine of foreign investments», — said KASKO.

In this regard, he stated that the reform of the Prosecutor’s office, which began David Sakvarelidze, failed.

«Local prosecutors are not updated. No external candidate, the attorney General is not appointed the head of the local Prosecutor’s office. Prosecutorial self-governance was twice postponed and has not yet been established. Not provided with the procedural independence of the Prosecutor, and, as a consequence, the Prosecutor’s office remains essentially Soviet, hierarchical and extremely corrupt» — says KASKO.

He said that Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin doesn’t know about his resignation, a report about which our clients will be served immediately after this briefing. He also said that he would practice law and expert activities.

KASKO held the post of Deputy Prosecutor General since may 2014

Recall that in the late summer of 2015 it was reported that on KASKO laid powers to combat corruption in the country.

«Now the full range of issues concerning the prevention and combating corruption, the investigation of crimes committed by officials who occupy especially responsible positions in the state, is entrusted to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy KASKO», — stated in the message.

KASKO assumes that after her dismissal from the GPU business «diamond prosecutors» will start to fall apart

Vitaly KASKO does not rule out that after his dismissal case «diamond of prosecutors», namely against the former Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr Cornice, Deputy chief of the head investigative Department of GPU of Vladimir Shapkina and citizen Valeria Gibalenko will start to fall apart.

«The first serious attempt to fight corruption and mutual responsibility in the Prosecutor’s office led to the opposite result — to the persecution of those who dared to do it. However, despite enormous pressure, we have fulfilled our promise. The investigation of the case on charges of bribery the so-called «diamond of prosecutors» was completed in November last year and January 4, 2016 was sent to court for consideration on the merits,» said KASKO.

At the same time, KASKO said that once, recently in February, Cornice announced a new suspicion of committing extortion under aggravating circumstances (we are talking about extortion and receiving monthly funds from the «junk business» company owner «Nicolson», and later «push-UPS» of this company), Viktor Shokin has issued a decree that abolished the investigative Department of geninspection, taking all the powers, depriving of possibility to bring the case «diamond prosecutors» to the end.

«Then, after a few days, out of state and prosecutors brought geninspection. And on the way, we had two interesting criminal proceedings against Cornice. One of them is on illegal enrichment, where it is now established that the funds that were paid for the training of Anastasia cornies in London from 2011-2014 amounted to over 140 thousand pounds, or more than 200 thousand dollars…,» said KASKO.

Another case concerned the origins of seized Cornice diamonds.

«Traces of which may lead to committing another crime,» said KASKO.

«It is not excluded that after my dismissal of these proceedings will beginning to fall apart. Unfortunately, the last decision of the courts concerning Ivanyushchenko is a clear reflection of the fact that the GPU do the best,» said KASKO.

We will remind, in the beginning of July 2015 on suspicion in bribe extortion in especially large size was detained former Deputy Prosecutor of Kyiv region Oleksandr cornies and Deputy head of the GSU of the Prosecutor General Vladimir Shapkin. During the search they had found a large sum of money and diamonds.

Hull previously stated that under normal circumstances, the verdict in the case «diamond prosecutors» should be in the first half of 2016.

KASKO Deputy Prosecutor General announced his resignation due to the inability to work to the GPU 15.02.2016

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