Kapranov brothers will present a poetry Tatchin in the genre kobza rap

On 27 November in Kyiv Kneipp club «Cupid» will be a performance by brothers Kapranov. Writers will perform their program on the poems of Sergei tatchin «Дзен.UA» in the genre kobza rap.

All funds will go to help Ukrainian army — «We are for the Troops», reports Gazeta.ua.

«Zenia — is a little singing, a little rapping under kobza and pipe. Brand new, the magical verses of one of the best poets of our time Sergei Tatchin. Tatkin is a real Internet legend, the Last of Magikan, the guru of Digital-romanticism and so on and so forth — explain Kapranov brothers.

For several years writers and publishers are experimenting with poems Tatchin in the new style kobza rap, kobza Blues, kobza-reggae, kobza-rock, kobza-waltz, kobza-Bossa-Nova.

«Poetry Tatchin — themselves are music. And we just have to add a few notes,» say the brothers.

To listen kobza rap and other songs of kobza-genres on the music page of the Kapranov brothers. One of the songs is called «Xenia» and ran it in the genre of kobza-Bossa-Nova.

Earlier, Kapranov brothers, presented a book on the history of Ukraine in the comics. The edition is called «History of independence of Ukraine» and covers the period from ancient times to the 91-th year of the last century. To draw the story took six artists from Rivne, Chernihiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia, Nikolaev and Lvov.

Kapranov brothers will present a poetry Tatchin in the genre kobza rap 25.11.2015

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