Kanygin: Erofeev with Alexandrov still alive, just somewhat limited in dealing with the outside world

Detained in Ukraine, the officer of Main intelligence Directorate of the Russian Federation Evgeny Erofeev, who, after sentence had been pardoned and returned to Russia in exchange for the release of people’s Deputy of Hope Savchenko, alive. This was stated by the journalist of «Novaya Gazeta» Paul Kanygin in the air of «Rain».

The KGB prisoners of Starobilsk in Luhansk region Russian spy Viktor Ageev said on July 22 that the GRU Yerofeyev was killed after his return from Ukraine to their homeland, because he «talked extra.

«According to our information, Yerofeyev, as with Alexander Alexandrov (the Russian military, which is also exchanged for Savchenko. – «GORDON»), all right, they are alive, healthy, just, shall we say, somewhat restricted in their communication with the outside world,» – said the journalist.

In his opinion, confidence Ageeva that Yerofeyev was killed is part of war propaganda.

«This is propaganda, which is among the so-called hybrid troops, to soldiers and officers knew they had to keep my mouth shut and not apply too much when you get captured by Ukrainian forces. Toning is such a legend. This myth, which goes, wandering in the Donbas not only the separatists, but on the other side – on the territory controlled by Ukraine», – he told.

Kanygin said that the rumors about the murder Erofeeva heated, but no proof of this.

Russian military Yerofeyeva and Alexander Alexandrov was arrested in may 2015 in Luhansk region during clashes with the Armed forces of Ukraine. They were injured.

18 April 2016 Goloseevsky regional court of Kiev found them guilty of waging aggressive war in the territory of Ukraine, participation in a terrorist organization and committing a terrorist act and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. In may of 2016 they were exchanged for people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko.

June 25, 2017, the headquarters of the ATO reported that members of the Armed forces of Ukraine eliminated in the Luhansk region, sabotage-reconnaissance groups of the enemy. In particular, were detained by Russian contractor Ageev.

Kanygin: Erofeev with Alexandrov still alive, just somewhat limited in dealing with the outside world 24.07.2017

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