Kanye West suspected of insanity and hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic

Rap artist Kanye West hospitalized in the psychiatric ward of the medical center of the University of California in Los Angeles after his concert, which he broke on Sunday evening, November 20, speaking from the stage in Sacramento with insults singer beyoncé, performer Jay-Z, and expressing support for the new President of the United States Donald Trump and disapproval of Hillary Clinton, writes NEWSru.com.

In the clinic, 39-year-old West placed under the observation of doctors who are not in a hurry to inform that became the reason of hospitalization.

Source Time magazine reported that the cause of the serious physical and nervous exhaustion, which the contractor suffers from insomnia, he’s just a workaholic and recently worked tirelessly on a new fashion collection for Adidas.

However, fans of the West have doubted his sanity. At a concert the rapper was delayed an hour and a half and played only two full songs. And during the execution of the third suddenly stopped and shouted to the musicians: «Stop!» West then called out: «Radio F… you!», accusing the us radio stations that don’t broadcast good music and only «sad shit».

«Radio is lying to you! shouted West from the scene. «Google and Facebook lying to you!»

Mark Zuckerberg, who earlier had asked the West to invest billions in their ideas, the singer was accused of that he never called me back.

About beyoncé, West said that this summer she gave me an ultimatum: I will perform at the MTV VMA, if the clip does not pass over his clip and the clip of Drake.

«Beyonce, I am sorry! You said that you do not perform, if you do not receive the award MTV VMA for best video of the year. I don’t want to offend Beyonce — she’s great. And Taylor swift is great. But sometimes we flirt in the politics and forget who really is… I came here to tell you the truth, risking his life and career. Jay-Z, call me… Jay-Z, I know that you have killers. Please don’t send them to me. Just give me a call. Talk to me, man», said West instead of the concert.

We will remind, two days earlier, at a concert in An-Jose, West also praised Donald trump admitted that he did not go to last election, but if I had, it certainly would have voted for him and not for Clinton. He explained that black people need to stop complaining about racism.

All the West’s monologue from the stage took more than 15 minutes. A replica of the singer evoked the approval and delight of fans. After his rant West without explanation left the scene.

Organizers of concerts West announced that the current tour of the singer cancelled all money for tickets purchased will be refunded. According to the magazine Billboard, in this case, the amount of penalties reaches tens of millions of dollars.

American rapper Snoop Dogg, commenting on the behavior of Kanye West called «crazy nigger» and encouraged him better to be not in front of the fans during concerts, and in front of «a bunch of weird assholes» who will appreciate his speech.

«I can’t believe he still carries it… It needs its songs to sing… He picked the wrong time and place to say that… I’m a dope, it do not POPs. And you’re what, Kanye?» asks Dogg.

Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian, having received reports of hospitalization of a spouse, immediately went to Los Angeles, to cancel a visit to new York charity event Angel Ball in honor of her late father Robert Kardashian. This event was to be the first secular outlet official Kim after a robbery in Paris.

Kanye West suspected of insanity and hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic 22.11.2016

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