Kalenyuk of the Confiscation of billions of Yanukovich was heavily hyped PR soap-bubble. Very soon it will burst

Specefication $1.5 bn ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage, which has repeatedly said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, best describes the tale of the Emperor’s new clothes, said the Executive Director of the Center for combating corruption (CPC), Daria kaleniuk on his page in Facebook.

«Confiscation of billions, which for the last seven months of flaunting the attorney General as their biggest achievement was heavily hyped PR soap-bubble. Very soon he will burst,» she said.

Kaleniuk said that after the publication of the secret of Kramatorsk district court decision on special confiscation of money Yanukovych became clear that the money was transferred to the budget of Ukraine by agreement with the investigation, which was signed by «normal lb» Arkadiy Kashkin, passport data and code which used at the time of financial transactions.

«Specefication was only possible thanks to this deal, because any other verdict, the prosecutors could not obtain due to the lack of evidence regarding the illicit origin of the money from the common Fund. To gather such evidence, you need to carefully investigate the role of a very influential entourage of high-ranking officials of the former and the current government, in particular, the company’s ICU and its former head Valeria Gontareva, fellow member of Petro Poroshenko. Unfortunately, the GPU did not dare to do so,» she said.

The Executive Director of the CTC was noticed that in the judgement there is nothing secret, since most of the episodes are public in other court rulings and decisions.

«This sentence is coded with a main purpose: to hide the possible complicity of the ICU, in particular, its management Gontareva and Makar Pasenyuk, close associates Poroshenko, in money laundering «organized criminal group of Yanukovych.» Well, to hide the details of how ICU in November–December 2013 at the beginning of the confrontation on the Maidan – bonds bought for Yanukovych to astronomical sums of dollars. Just common sense dictates that the well could not Gontareva and Pasenyuk, not knowing who they are buying bonds in the billions of dollars in those days. But the money they do not smell,» she said.

Kaleniuk warned that specefically has been challenged in Ukrainian courts and could be successfully appealed by the companies – owners of assets in the European court of human rights because of numerous procedural violations by prosecutors and the courts.

«Successful appeal of confiscation in the international courts would mean the need to return confiscated ago Ovcharka. But they are the beneficial owners will not Yanukovych… Lutsenko tried and still tries to clean up the traces of this transaction, but the truth would become known. It’s the resignation and criminal prosecution to the attorney General. More he has no moral right to be proud of confiscated billions», she said.

The Executive Director of the CTC added that her organization was preparing a statement about the crime and will seek not just resignation, but also criminal liability to all individuals who helped the henchmen of Yanukovych to legalize the loot before the revolution, and protect officials from punishment after the Maidan.


Kalenyuk of the Confiscation of billions of Yanukovich was heavily hyped PR soap-bubble. Very soon it will burst 11.01.2018

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