Justice: Now open is the question, passed Pipe test or not

The Director of the State Bureau of investigation of Ukraine Roman Pipe is already assigned to the post of head of the RRG by the presidential decree, however, the question of passing of the lustration test still remains open. About this informed the Director of the Department for lustration of the Ministry of justice Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya in the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

«Now open is the question, passed Pipe test no. Because from his biography we see that he worked in the Prosecutor’s office, and then went to the private sector. But due to public outcry about his appointment and opportunities of this organ we consider it necessary to inform the public that the Ministry of justice has its finger on the pulse on the test Tube,» he assured her.

Zadorozhnaya explained that the law on the GBR are not spelled out the authority and procedure for appointing the head of the Bureau, which resulted in a legal conflict about who is responsible for checking candidates for Chapter offices.

«The Commission that is selection, had to check on personal business and employment history of candidates. And find out whether they held the lustration period of office, provided that the lustration law, according to kotoromu they do not have the right to hold public office,» she said.

Zadorozhna said that while it is not known whether passed Pipe test.

«If passed, and does not apply to the lustration law, he is entitled to hold the office. If not passed, must be sent to the authorities verify that he passed this test» she concluded.

November 16, 2017, the competition Commission chose the Pipe by the Director of the state Bureau of investigation, Olga Varchenko – first Deputy head of the RRG, and Alexander Buryak, Deputy Director of the Bureau.

On 20 November, the state Bureau was taken from the Prosecutor General functions of pre-trial investigation.

On 22 November the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree about appointment of the Pipe.

On November 24 the Ministry of justice sent a letter to the presidential Administration in which it is noted that the head of the RRT needs to pass the lustration test.

Justice: Now open is the question, passed Pipe test or not 29.11.2017

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