July 11. Press review. The results of the NATO summit: Ukraine in focus

For two days the capital of Poland became the center of making important world decisions. On 8-9 July in Warsaw hosted the summit of NATO countries.

It established new priorities of military-political Alliance for the next two years.

The leaders of the 28 member countries approved the decision to strengthen its military presence in Eastern Europe.

«We decided to expand military presence in Eastern NATO 4 battalions: here, in Poland and in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on a rotational basis. These battalions will be reliable, tough and multinational,» said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Deployed new battalions (about a thousand soldiers each) in 2017. They are based provided on an ongoing basis. In Poland to guarantee the peace and tranquility are US troops, in Latvia, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, UK.

In addition, NATO countries have agreed on strengthening the presence of the Alliance in the Black sea and over its waters.

«We agreed on the so-called special leading presence in the South-East. This will be done on the basis of the Romanian-Bulgarian team», — said Stoltenberg.

NATO is taking a course to expand anti-missile bases in Europe, their initial level of readiness. This means that, in particular, a radar system in Turkey and American ships in Spain will work as a single system under the control of NATO.

«The Alliance does not take aggressive positions. But we need to ensure its own defence,» put dots on «I» the President of France Francois Hollande.

Another important decision in the coming year, member countries of NATO are going to increase defense spending by about half, to $ 8 billion, says Elena Galagi in the article «Results of the NATO summit in Warsaw: Alliance increases military power in Europe and takes custody of Ukraine» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that his organization, considering the situation in Ukraine confirmed its interest in continued support of NATO’s cooperation with Kyiv. «We welcome Ukrainian plan of reforms. The allies are United in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We do not recognize and do not recognize the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea by Russia, and condemn destabilization of the situation in the East of Ukraine, where the ceasefire violations happen every day, often with the use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, which leads to casualties. We call on Moscow to cease political, military and financial support of separatists,» said NATO Secretary General.

All parties continued Stoltenberg, needs to fulfill the Minsk agreements and work for a diplomatic solution. Despite the challenges of ongoing conflict, Ukraine remains committed to implementing reforms and combating corruption. So it is important that implementation of these reforms.

According to him, NATO will help with advice and support aimed to make the Ukrainian companies of the defence and security more efficient and accountable. And this, according to him, is the purpose of a comprehensive aid package that was approved today. Trust funds that were approved at the last summit, help in such areas as cyber defence, logistics and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers. In the future cooperation will continue in other areas. For example, to counter threats emanating from individual explosive devices and hybrid war.

«Independent, prosperous Ukraine, firmly committed to democracy and the rule of law is key to Euro-Atlantic security. NATO wants to help Ukraine in achieving this goal,» — said Stoltenberg.

He recalled that the Alliance remains a fundamental source of security for all people and stability for the wider world.

The summit, which just concluded, is the expression of a strong, United message that NATO’s solidarity with Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in his statement stressed the uniqueness of the atmosphere that prevailed during the meeting of the Commission Ukraine — NATO took place a constructive dialogue between Ukraine partner, which, in fact, acting as an ally. With these words, the President tried to show that Ukraine is perceived as an ally (so called each other each other member countries of the Alliance).

Poroshenko traditionally spoke for a long time, although it was possible to say in short. Well, there is a strong message that NATO countries do not recognize illegal annexation of Crimea, Ukraine will continue reforms of the security sector and armed forces.

The President said that unanimous passage of a comprehensive aid package is a very ambitious document covering 40 areas: previously, such documents were not accepted. But the important realization, because there’s a history of trust funds, the decision on which was taken at the Welsh summit, but they began to be realized only in the spring of this year. And was to blame the Ukrainian side. Because, really, it is necessary to enjoy this package, but now think how to begin to implement.

Rather strange was the response of the NATO Secretary General on the question of Ukrainian journalists about the possibility of excluding from the Declaration at the summit of the article of the Bucharest summit, which stated that Ukraine and Georgia will become members of NATO. Stoltenberg said that Poroshenko himself said that the issue of Ukraine’s membership not on the agenda and the focus is on compatibility, and bringing the armed forces up to NATO standards.

According to Stoltenberg, this role will play just a comprehensive package of assistance. NATO is providing political and practical support, and the question of membership can occur at a later stage. Each country chooses its own path, and it’s Ukraine’s decision. 29 countries and NATO, for its part, will make the decision on membership and the adoption of Ukraine, and nobody can veto the process.

Poroshenko himself complements the response of the Secretary General’s words, in Bucharest in 2008 it was decided that NATO’s door remains open, and now need a lot of reforms that will bring Ukraine closer to meeting the criteria — and then the Ukrainians themselves will decide what to do next.

Natalia Nemylivska, Director of the Center for information and documentation of NATO in Ukraine declares that at this time, the issue of Ukraine’s membership not on the agenda. «Ukraine focuses on implementing systemic and sustainable reforms in the sphere of security and defence by 2020, in accordance with NATO standards, she said. — A comprehensive package of assistance intended for the implementation of the reforms will be important to use all possibilities of help and support that will be provided under this package. This writes Nicholas Ciroc the article «NATO’s solidarity with Ukraine, but the membership is still far away» in the newspaper «Day».

At the NATO summit was not such a press conference, forum or panel discussion, which would not have condemned the annexation of Crimea and military aggression in the Donbas. For this reason in the second day of the expert forum, which was held on the sidelines of the summit, our Deputy Prime Minister for European integration Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze said that the world is not tired of Ukraine, as they say, and the world is tired of the aggressive policy of Russia.

All high-ranking officials – representatives of Poland to Washington, urged the top leadership of their countries to reconsider the old policy of the Alliance and individual member countries of NATO by appeasing the enemy. All cited the example of Georgia. «If the West imposed sanctions against Russia after its military aggression against Georgia, the annexation of Crimea and war in Donbas could have been avoided,» – said Tedo Japaridze, Chairman of foreign relations Committee Parliament of Georgia.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst expressed the view that the sanctions policy of the West has become one of the reasons that forced Russia to reconsider its attitude towards Ukraine. According to him, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel in power, and the implementation of the Minsk agreements, Russia is sabotaging the sanctions will not be cancelled. This was also a lot of discussion at the summit, because in Germany, as in France, there’s an election looming, and the adherents of the Kremlin gaining popularity. They argue for the lifting of sanctions against Russia in January 2017 and to return to business as usual.

«One of the scenarios – a return to business as usual. But we all remember how Putin on the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008, said US President George Bushthat a country like Ukraine no» – said one of the discussion panels in the framework of the expert forum przemysław żurawski, adviser to the head of the Polish foreign Ministry.

What sanctions will cancel, while Russia for its part is not fully implementeret Minsk agreement sounded from the lips of leaders of all countries — members of the Alliance. And the fact that Ukraine at the summit of NATO was the center of attention, confirms, though short but meaningful statement of Nadiya Savchenko at the expert forum immediately for Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze.

«Thank you Poland that takes a NATO summit and to thank the NATO, because the Alliance adheres to the word and helps us in a difficult situation. Please help to release Ukrainians from Russian prisons» – with such appeal Savchenko appealed to the summit participants. However, the «catch» Savchenko, Ukrainian journalists after her speech failed – she «escaped» to the Ukrainian delegation.

Petro Poroshenko came to the briefing Ukrainian journalists at the end of the second day of the summit in Warsaw – after the meeting of G5+Ukraine». This is the first format of negotiations with Ukraine, where, according to Poroshenko, they discussed mainly the issue of implementation of the Minsk agreements. There during the 1.5-hour negotiations, the parties agreed to create a «road map» implementation of the Minsk agreements. «Starting on Monday we begin the advice of foreign advisers, with the participation of Minister of foreign Affairs Paul klimkina on the development of a document «road map» Ukraine will discuss the situation at a security component and a clear reference to the fact that Ukraine will have unhindered access of the OSCE SMM. A clear position about the ceasefire and the provision of this mode with the corresponding agreement of the parties, guaranteed by the diversion of heavy equipment and artillery and take control of the sites where will be given to the heavy artillery, the special OSCE mission and the armed police mission», – said the President. According to him, the points of the new Road map will also have a time frame for their implementation with reference to the specific paragraphs of the Minsk agreements.

Another exclusive event, which was awarded to only one in Ukraine, was the meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO, which took place before the beginning of negotiations G5+Ukraine». This meeting is part of a major NATO summit organized for only one country-NATO partner for Ukraine. The parties signed a comprehensive package of assistance to Ukraine. «It concerns forty areas of cooperation, including, will be implemented with the help of eight trust funds that NATO has opened especially for Ukraine,» explained Poroshenko.

As for the prospects of NATO membership for Ukraine, at the moment this question in the agenda is not necessary. According to the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, at the moment the official Kiev is more concentrated in the reform of the defence sector of Ukraine. To NATO standards by the Ukrainian army, according to President Poroshenko, intends to come until 2020. It is recorded in the new Strategic defence Bulletin, which the Ukrainian delegation presented the NATO leadership on the Commission Ukraine — NATO. And only after Ukraine will reach the standards of NATO, and after holding a national referendum, we can talk about membership in the Alliance, writes Christina Zelenyuk in the article «Results of the NATO summit: West is tired of Russia and change the policy of «appeasement of aggressor» in the newspaper «Today».

Support for Ukraine from the side of the Alliance depends on the resources that he has available. How strong an Alliance is so strong and support.

The second important factor is the internal policy of Ukraine. We have long said, guys, help us help you. Decide what you want: if you fight, we will help you to fight; if you want peaceful means to resolve the conflict, we will help you in this. Only then can you decide what kind of help Ukraine needs weapons, advisers? If guns, then what?

Every visit of a delegation of Western partners begins and ends the same: tell me what you want, and justify why this is necessary. It’s hard not to notice the signals that we send representatives of the unit. They are encouraged to be constructive and get down to business. Ukraine needs a strategy and a clear programme of action. The definition of clear priorities: to fight – not to fight, to trade – do not trade.

Might be the end result. The West is tired of the fruitless policy of Ukraine. He invests, he invests – and through Ukraine it is investing in its security – and therefore wants to see the results. And we have the results to show, including improving its army.

Ukraine has said it will stay the course of rapprochement with NATO and the European Union. Accordingly, it should follow the lead of the policy, which is shared by our partners. If NATO and the EU adhere to the policy of peace, then, and Ukraine needs to tame his militancy. By the way, that’s why in 2014 our security was so relaxed. We were in the Wake of the policy of the EU, NATO and the United States, which «rebooted» relations with Russia, helped it to modernize and not saw her as no threat. So it’s not so simple. Need and acknowledge mistakes, and constructively to seek a way out of the situation, writes Nicholas Sungurovsky in the article «will Support NATO and Ukraine» in the publication «New time».

July 11. Press review. The results of the NATO summit: Ukraine in focus 11.07.2016

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