July 1. Press review. The bribe took the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine. Go check the regional services

In Ukraine — another major corruption scandal. Natspolitsiya and NABOO yesterday, June 30, detained temporary acting chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Sviatoslav Protas, as well as the head of the Sanitary service of Alexander Chepurnoy on suspicion of embezzlement of budget funds at least 400 thousand UAH. The participation in a criminal group and theft law enforcement authorities suspect the 19 chapters of the regional SES.

About the catch suspects in corruption first wrote in the social network, interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

«Detained the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Sviatoslav Protas with the head of the Department of health services Alexander Chepurny. At the same time across the country is being searched, questioned 19 chief sanitary doctors of regions, some of which will also be detained. A group of officials, headed by Protas, has developed and implemented a criminal scheme to steal large amounts of budget funds. But cashing out and receiving the first tranche of the stolen 400 thousand participants in the Scam were detained», — said the Minister.

The Protas was arrested in his office — even on Thursday morning came the news that the NAB he conducts searches. In the anti-corruption Bureau was also informed that it has already filed a criminal case for misappropriation of state property by abuse of official position (5-8 years of prison).

The speaker of the Department of protection of economy of Ukraine Natalia Kalinovskaya told the details of the scheme: «Protas and partners wrongly accrued bonuses to Directors of public regional institutions of SES, and then some of that money were brought back to the Central office. Because of this, now inspections are carried out absolutely in all regions of Ukraine.»

At the same time in NABOO clarify — the heads of departments earned two nominations: one allegedly Protas was allowed to leave on the spot, and second — demanded to return «to the top».

Avakov added that the scheme had attracted 20 people and only one refused to be an accomplice. But who is this man, whether he passed the «accomplices», did not specify. In most of the SES situation for us to comment on refused.

In addition to corruption in the mass inspections of the sanitary services, according to experts, may attend a political struggle.

«The public rationale of this operation will be mass poisoning in Izmail. But I do not exclude that this action is related to the political standoff over the head of the Ministry of health. In fact, there is confrontation for the control of sanitary doctors in particular and Ministry in General», — said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik, writes Ilya Trebor in the article «the Big clean in the health service: the details of the scandal» in the newspaper «Today».

According to the head of the interior Ministry in his beloved Facebook, the raids yesterday were carried out simultaneously throughout the country. 19 were questioned by the chief sanitary doctors of regions, some of which Avakov also promises to hold. According to him, a group of officials led by Protas has developed and implemented a scheme for the theft of large sums of budgetary funds.

«On the cash withdrawal and receipt of the first tranche of the stolen funds in the amount of 400 000 UAH participants in the Scam were detained, said the Minister, outraged that the theory of conspiracy the chief sanitary doctor did not hesitate to voice directly into the workshop. All brought rule and «duties» — and all agreed to participate in the Scam… And only one said no.

And the essence consisted in the following: the officers wrote out awards, some of which had to give chiefs in the areas, and those already transferred some money to his top bosses. Operatives of NABOO and the national police documented 11 such cases, which could be considered bribes. The point, however, is open on 191 article of the criminal code — «Embezzlement or misappropriation of property by abuse of official position». But qualification is the most grievous, stalling for a period of 5 to 8 years.

«And let’s set 19 new decent sanitary doctors! Find?! Must find!» — sums up his victory Arsen Avakov.

However, those who are privy to the details of the issue, assess the achievements of law enforcement officers skeptical.

«The usual scheme of making money through prize, which has enjoyed success since Soviet times — said one of the former employees of militia. — It is used in any public institution. In the sanitary service there are other, more profitable sources of revenue: to close eyes to violations, to give permission to operate without checks and so forth.»

The change in our lives after Stripping in the ranks of Sanitaria? And most likely, no.

«Unfortunately, this is a purely bureaucratic issues that will not affect what is happening in the system. These detentions and dismissals will not help to change the situation in Izmail, solve problems with waste in Lviv and many other problems that are directly linked to sanitation services. Or rather, the inaction, — commented President of the Ukrainian Council of protecting the rights and patient safety Victor Serdyuk. — If the theft is, it is necessary for them to answer. But if there is no accountability for inaction, it will not add people confidence that the service will work more effectively in their interests. Even if you get a new one, it will be only half-measures, nothing fundamentally will change.

The expert compared the situation in the sanitary service with the Ukrainian football. The field is, pants, shirts also, the players run everything properly. Just don’t score goals, says Valeriy Chepurko the article «the Case of sanitary doctors: how to steal budget money in the SES» in the newspaper «KP in Ukraine».

July 1. Press review. The bribe took the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine. Go check the regional services 01.07.2016

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